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Merry Meet :))) Barite, or Baryte is a gemstone consisting of barium sulfate. It is a heavy stone found all over the world in limestones, hot spring deposits and with hematite ore. Barite's primary color is white or colorless, however you can find varieties in many colors to include reds, purples, browns, blues, green, gray and black among others. It can sometimes be multi-colored and have stripes. Barite gets it's name fromt the greek word "barus" which means heavy. In the United States you will most often see it spelled Barite, while in the UK you would be more familiar with it being spelled Baryte. The gemstone was discovered about 200 years ago. At that time the stone was used primarily for healing and protection. Native American legends say that Indian Warriors who had crossed reappeared at night and carved barite roses.

More recently scientists have discovered it's other properties and have begun using the stone to help protect from X-Rays, ultra-violet radiation, and radioactivity. It is used in paper, glass and rubber as well. As well as being a great stone to screen against radiation Barite can also help reduce the level of skin damage. Barite water can be used to treat irritated skin, from burns to acne, or fungal infections. This stone can be helpful to sooth compulsive behaviors, and help a person to recover from addictions.

Barite acts like a magnet for high frequency energy. It is very effective in helping one find their true self and higher purpose in life. It can activate the upper chakras and clear any blockages that they may have. If you are working on astral travel this is a great stone to assist you. It can also help you recall your dreams and determine what they mean, learning how to apply that knowledge to your life.

Cleanse barite once a week under running warm water. This stone regenerates itself, therefore you don't need to charge it.

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