Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be Healed

**graphic from Phatpuppy Art**

Merry Meet :))) The other day a blessed Angel messaged me :)))) Her name is Sandi and I could feel her gentle loving energy radiating in her message. She shared with me what she felt was a message from the Goddess and it moved me so much I requested her permission to share it with all of you. She is now a member of Moonsong Daily Magick. :))))) Thank you Sandi for sharing your beautiful gift with us. :)))

Be Healed
by Sandi Lee

Be healed, my child, from within.

Love is all that matters and you must love yourself as the gods love you.
You cannot expect order to come from chaos.
Many things are beyond your control now but do not worry.
You are safe in the present and I am with you always.
I am your strength but you must call out for me. 
You have been lost, my child, and I have been waiting for you in every sunset and moonrise;
in all your times of doubt and sorrow, I have waited for you to cry out.
Your pain does not please me but I have missed your company and welcome your tears on my shoulder.

Be healed, my child, from within.
Love begins with you.
Stop expecting love to come from some outside source.
All the love you need exists within you now.
Take dominion over what you have in your grasp.
Bring order to the chaos where you can – clean and consecrate your home.
Create a home that celebrates your life and your journey, both past and present.
Create a sacred space where the spirits are welcomed and allow us to lift you and bless you.

Be healed, my child, from within.

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  1. That message from Sandi was simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing that.


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