Saturday, June 22, 2013

Full Sun Super Moon

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Full Sun Super Moon

Tonight is the night of the Full Sun Moon. So what's the Full Sun Moon? :))))))) We celebrated Litha yesterday, where the Wheel of the Year turned from Spring to Summer and the longest day of the year was here. Today's Moon celebrates the fact that the longest days of the year are here and we are receiving maximum sunlight. I know I for one am enjoying every moment I can of being in it. :))))))

Tonight is also called the Full Strawberry Moon. Our strawberries are just starting to come up, blueberries too. :)))) However, they have been plentiful in our grocery stores the past couple weeks, at really good prices. My son and I absolutely love strawberries, so we've been eating them at almost every meal. :))))) Last year I took my little ones strawberry picking and I honestly think they got more in their mouths then they did in the baskets. :))))) They came back with stained fingers and mouths, but the biggest red smiles you ever want to see. :))))))

It's also called the Full Rose Moon as most of the roses are in bloom. I have a rose bush in the back yard that just started to blossom at the beginning of last week. My climbing roses that I have everywhere, have not yet started blooming. I think I may pull some of them though. I went breed happy, breeding them the other year and I have them everywhere, but I now have a lot of maintenance and thorns absolutely everywhere! When they bloom though, they are sooooooo pretty! :))))))))

So tonight is also the night of the Super Moon. :))))))) I am beyond excited. Last year I managed to be at the ocean with my little ones on the night of the Super Moon in May. It's energy was amazing. The kids had a blast though as I let them stay up late and we drove to various beaches on the coast trying to get the best picture. lol For some of you who were with me on Facebook this time last year, you might remember. :)))))

This year I am at the ocean in Rhode Island. No I didn't plan this on purpose. I really don't go away very often as most of you know lol. I just happen to be down there on the Super Moon again and I am really excited. Last year's Super Moon offered a profound glimpse of my future. A future that has been coming true piece by piece. I am very curious to see what they energy of this Moon brings.

For those of you who may not be able to view it tonight for any reason, it is suppose to appear just as full tomorrow night as well. :))) We are going to have a beautiful night sky this weekend. :)))) This Moon is the "Super" Super Moon, in that it is the closest the Moon will get this year. The next time it will be this close is August of 2014.

How are you celebrating? Make sure you work a lil' magick into your night. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. felt sick all day pain first, then I calmed as much as I could felt very ambivilant left home with my son only to come right back as anxiety and worry feel over me with nausuea,,stomach issues,heartburn,then my throat,yet evry person on my mind I haven't talked to contacted me. I saw it in the sky before the sunset and dead on outside just to look for the moon midnight.sooo Talk about tired ,my eyes burn,yet my mind is racing faster then light I feel to the point of past to childhood and present,to future. im exhausted yet this was the first time I stumbled upon this website.i have novels to speak but as my laptop battery is about to need a charge b4 shutdown;so am I. Thank you,hopefully I can learn guidance as the 23:) blessings back thanks

  2. The moon was full and bright here in australia too. Thanks for your uplifting blog.


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