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The William Ricketts Sanctuary

The William Ricketts Sanctuary

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In the lush wildlife of Mount Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, a beautiful sanctuary has been created by a man named William Ricketts. William Rickets was an Australian sculpter who lived from 1898 until 1993. He supported himself in life through his artwork. The William Ricketts Sanctuary was his biggest accomplishment. He spent much of his life transforming this land into a place with mystical pathways and magickal sculptures tucked throughout the area. He began work on the Sanctuary in 1934, which he named Potter's Sanctuary. In the 1960's the government bought the property and made it a public park. William worked in this park until he passed on in 1993.

Most of his sculptures are kild-fired clay of Aboriginal figures. While he himself was not Aboriginal he identified closely with them. Over 90 sculptures show you his love and passion for the Aboriginal people and their principles. If you get the chance to go you will want to check in with the parks website to make sure they are open and see what the weather conditions are. You can do so here:

Below I have linked a video for you that really does a beautiful job of showing you some of the sculptures in the sanctuary. I hope you enjoy!

Video -

If you type William Rickets Sanctuary into Google and look at the images it brings up a beautiful gallery of pictures for you to look through. I have made a link for you to use here:

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