Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Affirmation Chalkboard

Affirmation Chalkboard

Merry Meet :)))) I love Etsy. :)) I am constantly amazed at how many magnificently creative people there are out there. So I stumbled upon the affirmation chalkboard above and thought it was beyond cute. It is done by Solamar7 on Etsy.  I think it is just an amazing idea. You don't have to change it daily, but if you have an affirmation you want to work with for awhile this would be a great little piece to have hanging in your house to remind you of it.

One method that is really easy is to choose a frame that you like. There are so many really cute frames out there. You can paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Voila! Instant affirmation chalkboard. I think these would be really cute in little ones rooms as well. :))))

Another method is to get a small chalkboard from a craft shop. You can then customize it however you wish. I love how she did it above. You could put it in a block of wood and add little flower vases next to it. You could keep it plain and paint the edges in a pretty creative pattern. Make it a masterpiece that's creatively you and you want to hang on the wall. :))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

**Daily Affirmation chalkboard from Solamar7 on Etsy**

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