Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chalcopyrite - Peacock Ore

Chalcopyrite - Peacock Ore

Chalcopyrite is a crystallized copper iron sulfide mineral. Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore is the name given to Chalcopyrite samples that have the presence of bornite, a sulfide mineral that gives the stone an iridescent blue and purple and red tarnish. This effect can also be artificially achieved by enhancing the stone with acid. You will often find Peacock Ore being sold as Bornite, when a lot of times it is Chalcopyrite which is more common to find. The two look quite similar. The stone itself is typically yellow but may be darkened with shades of brown and or black. It is a common mineral that is actually quite common to find and is the main ore of copper.

Metaphysically Chalcopyrite is the stone of the mystic. It assists with opening and cleansing the crown chakra to aid in receiving divine guidance. It is also quite useful in meditation, making it easier to reach and facilitating the transition to the meditative state. It can act almost as a bridge between you and and the other side as well as other cultures around the world, by opening your mind and enhancing your perception.

When used in energy healing it will clear the way for energy, removing blockages and allowing energy to move freely. It can be used for additional protection for the person doing the healing.

Chalcopyrite is helpful in treating respiratory disorders. It can also be used to help reduce fever and inflammation. Chalcopyrite can also stimulate and repair RNA/DNA damage, and facilitate the regeneration of cells. It will stimulate the universal energies to heal the energy in your body.

Have you recently lost something? You can use this stone to help you find the missing object. If you need a boost in self-confidence or a stone to ease worry this is an excellent choice.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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