Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Blessings Moon

**graphic by StarsColdNight**

Full Blessings Moon

Merry Meet :)))) Tonight is a magickal night indeed. We have our third Super Moon in a row which is pretty significant in and of itself. This is the third and final Super Moon in a row where the Moon will appear to be very close to the Earth. Hopefully the weather will be amazing for all of us to go outside and take in her magickal wonder this evening.

Tonight is also the night of the Blessings Moon, otherwise known as the Meadow Moon. This is the time that the Mother Earth begins to bestow us with her blessings. I know in my garden this weekend the summer squash, beans, and cucumbers are ready to be picked and used for our meals. That is actually one of the ways I am celebrating tonight, by making a dinner from the first harvest of fresh veggies in my garden.

I've also noticed abundance coming up very much for this evening when writing this newsletter. The energy is perfect tonight for manifesting abundance. Think about what abundance means to you this evening. Many people immediately think of abundance as financial freedom, however abundance comes in many forms, one of the most important forms being love. When you let go and trust that the universe will take care of you financially, it opens the door to freeing you of that worry and allowing you to focus on what truly makes you happy. So choose what you wish to manifest this evening and stand out under the Moon and let her energy pour over you. Speak to the Goddess and tell her all the wishes in your heart, what would make you happy. Ask her to help you on your path, and to shower you with abundance. Yes, you are worth it! :))) You are a child of the Divine, and you deserve to be happy. :))) Believe in you, the universe, and the magickal wonders of the world around you. Stand outside and take in all the blessings around you, the smell of the summer air, the sounds around you, the beautiful colors cast by the Moon this evening as she illuminates the sky. :))) Take time for you. :)))))

Colors for this evening include green, blue, gray, silver, and lavender.

Gemstones this evening include my favorite Moonstone, white agate, opals and pearls.

Trees include our amazing oak tree, and the ash tree.

The element of the evening is water.

Dress your altar with fresh flowers celebrating the season.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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