Friday, July 5, 2013

Magickal Places In the Home

Magickal Places In the Home

Merry Meet :))))) So perusing pinterest the other day I came across the picture above. Any one else want to be there right now? :))))) Next question, why can't you be? Ok I realize we've not got a bed like this swinging in our backyard, but for some of us with the yard space it could be. I see you shaking your head at me! lol :)))

Where am I going with this? Ok let's conduct an experiment. I want you to sit there and think of the most magickal place you can think of. Relax and let your mind wander a bit. Now, honestly, for how many of you was it in your own home or yard? For a few of you it may have been. If you're like me, I was picturing some exotic location. lol When I first saw this magickal place above it hit me in a different light. So many times I think about magickal places being somewhere other then where I am. In all reality though, there is no reason I could not put a setup like above in my yard. The neighbors might find me a bit funny.... but I bet deep inside they'd be jealous as heck. :))))

So take that magickal place that you pictured and see if there are components of it that you can incorporate into your home somehow. Most of us have our alters and ritual space, but how many of us have a magickal place within our home that we truly feel like we are somewhere else in. For those of you with yards maybe you can set up one corner of that yard to make your own magickal place. Somewhere very comfy to hang out, waterfalls, lights etc. If you are in an apartment or somewhere this isn't possible what about a corner of a room? You'd be amazed what you can do with comfy blankets and things like salt lamps and table fountains. Write out exactly what you would want. Make a sort of sketch. Don't worry about prices to start with. When you have what you want go through and take it piece by piece. There may be things you can do yourself to cut down on costs. You may find you really wouldn't need much money at all. You may be able to do variations on it. I for one would love to build a comfy reading place outside for myself this summer. I have a nook of trees that I might just make myself an area to retreat to in. ;) Where's your place going to be?

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Just this past week I did a major declutter in my bedroom, creating (or finding) a rather peaceful bedroom. I strung blue Christmas lights up over my bed, for I wanted a romantic setting to celebrate a special anniversary with my Husband. It has created such a magical look! I may just leave it that way for a while!



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