Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Papagoite Quartz


Merry Meet :))) Isn't she pretty? The picture above is of Papagoite Quartz. The beautiful colors in it remind me of the clouds, and relax me much the same way laying on the grass watching the clouds go by in the summertime does. Papagoite is a rare copper silicate that forms brilliant sky blue microcrystals and crusts on quartz crystals. Papagoite was first discovered at the New Cornelia Mine, Ajo, Pima co., Arizona. It gets it's name from the Papago Indian tribe in Arizona. In 1985 they found more of these beautiful gemstones in South Africa. This is a tougher gemstone to find as it is rare. If you choose to buy one of these stones, use caution as there are many trying to sell stones that aren't actually Papagoite. A true specimen will likely be quite pricey.

Papagoite has a gentle, tranquil energy. It is amazingly calming the moment you hold it. It's a very positive uplifting stone that can help one maintain an optimistic outlook in life. It can help you to release fears and inhibitions transforming negative energy to positive. It's energy is useful for clearing and opening the third eye and throat chakra. Papagoite assists with communication adding clarity to your thoughts and love in your heart making it easier to speak to others. Papagoite is an amazing stone to use in meditation as it opens the third eye, and helps with communication. It also gives you an amazing connection to the universal energy. It's strong connection with the third eye will assist with any type of psychic activities to include divination and astral travel. It can be helpful to pair this stone with Ajoite, a stone that has similar properties.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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