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Cavansite is a rare mineral that forms deep blue crystal structures on other minerals. It gets it's name from a combining it's chemical composition, calcium, vanadium and silicate. It was first discovered in 1967 in Malheur County, Oregon. It's found primarily in India, but has also been found in New Zealand, Brazil and the United States. Depending on the area in which it is found it's color can vary from a gorgeous deep blue to a sparkly light aquamarine.

It's deep blue hue and energy help you to receive clear insight and understanding. It works to open both your throat and your third eye chakra, also aiding in communication. This is a very spiritual stone and it's said that it can help one have spiritual breakthroughs. If you are a psychic or a lightworker this is an amazing gemstone to have as it can help facilitate the process and help you to recall more information on your spiritual journeys. It facilitates communication with the other side. It is said that it also can be quite helpful in gaining access to your Akashik records.

Cavansite is a very calming stone, helping to soothe nerves and gently control emotions. This soothing and uplifting energy makes it a stone of transition and it can help you move past any snags on your path to the next area on your journey. It's energy can help you to reconcile your past and understand the lessons you have previously been presented with.

Physically this stone is beneficial for the kidneys, bladder, eyes and throat.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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