Thursday, August 8, 2013

Let Go And Trust

**Graphic by Yuumei**

Let go and Trust

Merry Meet :))))) Summer is in full swing here in New England, and I've been loving the extra reading time in the sunshine. :)))) I've been reading a book by Collette Baron-Reid, Messages from Spirit, one that I wound up picking up on my trip to Barnes and Noble last Sunday. It was one of the ones I felt my guides chose for me. As I'm about 25% in it's becoming quite clear to me why.

I've done communications from loved ones on the other side for a few of you now. However, I have not given myself the title of a medium or do I feel it necessary to. Part of my reasoning as I've mused with some of you is because it isn't always there. It's there when it wants to be. Hence why I don't offer it as a service, it's just something that sort of happens.  It usually happens when the person I'm reading for needs to be healed and the spirit of a loved one coming through will make a huge impact in that process by letting me pass a message for them.   For the last hour and a half I've been reading how Collette had the same things happen to her, and how she came to grips with her gifts. Quite the interesting read for me as I've found myself nodding my head so many times over the past hour.

My children have been out and about running around and Max, my 2 year old golden retriever is on his run which is an extremely long leash. I've been correcting the children for the past couple hours making sure they don't go to close to Max and tempt him. I know he wants to run but I get extremely nervous with him as he's a male, loves to wander, thinks half the neighborhood is his yard, and is extremely playful (picture 100 pound puppy) and we have a pretty busy road in front of my house...Yep, I'm terrified of losing him. As I'm reading I heard his whimper coming from next to the deck. It nearly shattered my heart as it's my fear that is keeping him cooped up when I can't give him 100% attention and I know he just wants to go tromp in the brook with the kids.

All of a sudden I heard it clearly, you must learn to let go. 

It's no way to live life when you are held back, you need to learn to trust. I sat there in silence for a minute. The first thing I did was let Max loose. He's now happily running around the yard with the kids. But holy smokes talk about timing. One of my lessons that has been significant the past couple years is learning to trust and let go. I'll be honest I thought I was doing really well with it! lol 

Nope.... Nuts... Ok so I've got my mind centered on it again and my mind is just racing. Yes, I've come a long way in letting go and trusting but I have so much farther to go. I am confident I will get it. I walked inside to get myself a seltzer water. When I walked back out I had the most amazing sensation. I know I heard them and understood, for when I stepped outside a cool wind brushed across my face. The most amazing sensation though is how I was standing. I'm not even sure to how to describe this but it's like I'm back in my own skin and perfectly centered. It's really hard to explain. I was standing perfectly straight though. I noticed I was not leaning at all, and I could feel my feet firmly across the ground I stood upon. I know how it feels to be grounded and centered, but this was more like firmly planted. lol

I tell you these stories for a few reasons, the first I feel as if I'm suppose to. :)))) The second I hope they help you to understand how to hear your guides. Third, the lessons for me always seem as if they will be quite relevant for all of you.  I'm on my path as well as all of you, and I learn something ever single day.  I absolutely love the process. :)))))

For those of you with older children going away to college, I know the idea can eat you alive with worry.  As sensitives, you need to be very careful not to let this worry affect your health.  My children are little yet, and I can only imagine how tough this process will be.  While letting my dog loose to play with the kids is a lot easier then what you are trying to do, the principle is the same. We must let go, and do so with love in our heart, and trust that the Divine will take care of them and bring them back to us. For upon setting them free, we are in fact giving them a precious gift to go out and live their lives. I hope this helps.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

** can i just tell you that I just opened my browser to find a picture to go with this article and this is the first one I saw! The white wolf is one of my guides. :)))) I had to put it with the article, I do believe it's just perfect anyway. :)))))))) Graphic byYuumei**

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