Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Merry Meet :)))))) Today I wanted to share with you a personal experience and an amazing book. :))) As many of you know I have guides that I can hear pretty clearly at times, other times I get lots of signs. One of the times I will get them is in the shower lol. I think because the water is naturally grounding and I'm actually slowed down to a decent pace for a few minutes. :))) Thus the life of a Mom. lol Last week I was taking a shower and I heard clearer then a bell "You Are What You Eat". I was then shown a picture of Doreen Virtue. I knew the reason, I have been working a lot lately, a lot more psychically as well, and it has been draining on my energy. I've known they've wanted me to do better on my eating for awhile. The articles on high vibrational foods have been coming at me in droves, and I get pleasantly ill every time I even look at anything greasy now. (Just please don't take away chocolate!) In any event, I really do try to follow, but eating hasn't been one of my strong suits. Don't get me wrong, by most people's standards I actually eat really well. I need to do better and I know that.

So I got out of the shower, googled "You Are What You Eat" and saw this book. I noted that it was not by Doreen Virtue and was confused. So I then googled the book and Doreen Virtue together and got a couple great articles on high vibrational foods, shocker. :))) Assuming that was it and I was being nudged again, I put it out of my mind.

Fast forward a few days to Sunday night. I found myself with a few free hours. That doesn't happen often round here so that alone should have been a sign for me. I was going to work with the house being quiet, but I really felt pulled to go to Barnes and Noble. I know, y'all are shaking your heads at me working on my free time! :)))) I love my job though. :)))) I indeed listened though and went to Barnes and Noble. Armed with my Caramel Machiato, (gasp) and a stack of magazines I settled into a table in the cafe area. The material in the magazines was really relevant too but I'll save that for another day, or this story will become too long for your morning cup of coffee or tea. So I put away the magazines, and had a couple hours left so decided to venture upstairs to the New Age Section to grab some books.

I came up the escalator and as I rounded the corner there on the book shelf in front of me was that book! Really? I mean what are the odds? It was written in 2006 so it's not like it's a new release. I must confess I groaned a bit as I really really didn't want to read about food, I had just gotten relaxed. lol After a half a second I noticed Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Handbook next to it. I stood there frozen for quite some time. I was running all the possible scenarios for why a Doreen Virtue book would be in the food section next to that book from six years ago. I came up with ..nada. Clearly I am to read the book!

So I grabbed them both and went downstairs. I immediately was sucked into the book. It was as if it was written for me! From the little bit of eczema on my finger that comes out each March, to the Candida that I've been duking it out with for years now. I was actually enjoying reading this book! I wound up ordering a paper copy of the book off of Amazon as it was cheaper and I wanted it to be a reference manual for me. There are so many different food remedies in there it is incredible. Signs, symptoms and what foods to correct them. The colors and pictures in the book are incredible too. You can get an energy boost just by perusing through it! lol I really can't recommend the book enough.

In the Doreen Virtue book I flipped open randomly as I already have the book. On that first paragraph I happened to read it spoke about eating to raise your vibration so you wouldn't get tired while channeling. Message received. lol I love the way my guides work. :))))))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

PS - If you want to grab your copy of the book you can get it here: "You Are What You Eat "


  1. It is amazing how they work sometimes.

  2. Perfect! I love and look forward to your daily posts landing in my inbox but this one really gave me the goosebumps, fantastic! Talking of food, I have an allotment (plot of land, cheap rent, long history in the UK) and have just started eating my own veggies and I literally get high off the energy of them, its amazing. I did do a Reiki attunement on the land and well, I talk to the Angels and the Elementals and love to link up the energies of the sky, moon and earth on my plot when am grafting. Anyway, I just felt to share that with you Jasmeine. Thanks for all your fab posts XXX


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