Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Affirmation Stones

Affirmation Stones

Merry Meet :))) Many of us have probably seen worry stones sold in the stores. They are oval stones with a hole in the middle of them and usually one word on them. The idea is that when you rub them, they will reduce stress. Today's craft is a bit of a spin on that. I came across this picture on pinterest and I thought the stones were so pretty! :))) Many of you know I love my stones. :)) I was unable to find where this picture originated from though unfortunately. 

I love how cute these would look on display in the home. You could keep them in a basket in the kitchen or in the living area. Somewhere where they would be decorative but also a highly visible area so that you will see them every time you walk by. You can even carry one on you if you need a particular affirmation more that day. 

I always recommend collecting stones yourself. I would make this a slow process. Each time you go out on a walk, find one stone that you want to work with. Keep it in your pocket on that walk, and think about what affirmation is most important to you at that time. You may want to hold the stone in your hands to infuse it with the energy of the affirmation you desire as you walk. When you get home write either the entire affirmation or a key word that lets you know what the affirmation is on your stone. Spend some time decorating it, and then add it to your basket. 

In time the basket will accumulate all your affirmations. You will have a visual reminder of the work you have done for yourself, your walks, and a beautiful place to help remind you of how amazing you are. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. That's a very cool idea. I do collect stones but I never thought to put my affirmations on them.


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