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Angelite - Stone of the Angels

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Angelite -  Stone of The Angels

I absolutely adore Angelite. :))))  Isn't it pretty???? :))))))) The above gemstone, Angelite, is also known as Anhydrite, and is such a peaceful and tranquil crystal to work with. This is a gemstone that I am always attracted to as soon as I go into shops that have gemstones available. I have handled it many times and absolutely adore it. I recently was able to add a piece of Angelite to my gemstone collection from the gemstone show I attended the other month.  This is one of the stones I had on my "want list" for some time.

Angelite is a form of Anhydrite. It's a fairly new gemstone on the holistic scene as it was discovered in Peru in 1987. The most common color is this beautiful bluish gray that you see however it can also come in varying shades of white, blues, grays, and even violet. Whenever I look at this stone I feel like I can see the stars in tiny white flecks in it. I've never seen that mentioned before so I will invite you to take a peek and see what you see. :))))

As one would expect from an "angelic" stone it will enhance your communication with the spirit realms and instill peace and confidence within you. It will help you to connect to the angels and your spirit guides. Angelite will also aid you with meditation, astral voyages, and any other spirit journeys including receiving messages through your dreams. While having a very comforting energy, it's also a very strong healing stone making it a very popular choice for healers.

It's a very balancing stone that can help to take away any psychological pain including anger. It also helps you to become more accepting of yourself and the situations that surround you. When I held this stone and allowed it's energy to take me it had that "peacefully floating among the clouds" feeling to it.

Physically this stone can help reduce inflammation and repair tissue. It can balance the thyroid. Angelite is said to help with any sort of blood deficiencies and can help to renew blood vessels. You can use it to help improve frequent headaches and to help control migraines.

It is very important to note, that this stone cannot go in water.  For cleansing,instead you can allow it to cleanse under the light of the moon, or smudge it with a bit of sage.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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