Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th - Let's Make It A Lucky Day :)))

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Friday the 13th - Let's Make It A Lucky Day!! :))))

Merry Meet :)) How many of you cringed this morning when you saw the date? lol :)))) For some reason, Friday the 13th always is a lucky day for me. Hopefully that will hold true this time round. :)))))

Many of you are probably familiar with the horror movie Friday the 13th. I must confess, I've not watched that one, and don't foresee it anytime soon in my future lol :))) For those of you who may not be, it's a horror film that came out in America around 1980. I do like scary movies, ones about hauntings, paranormal etc, but tend to shy away from gory ones.

This is one of two Friday the 13th's that will occur in 2013. Ironically the next one occurs on Friday, December 13, exactly 13 weeks after today. As I went to write the date this morning, I realized I have absolutely no idea where the superstition for Friday the 13th comes from. So I went out to take a look. :))

I found an absolutely fantastic article on called Why Friday the 13th is Unlucky. They did an amazing job going through the history and superstitions of this date and why the number 13 and Friday are considered unlucky. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll give you a moment to go check it out. :)))))))

Ready? Ok so if you weren't nervous about this date before maybe you are now? lol :)) I'm just playing.
Ok so let's break this down a bit using Numerology. Does anyone know what the 13th card of tarot is?

The Death Card. Perfect. :) While seen as a ominous card by many, this card is really representative of much needed change. So while I'm never thrilled to see it show up in a reading, at least it's a very upfront card letting me know that something definitely has to be changed. In numerology the number 13 stands for change and transformation. Most people are afraid of change. However, often, change can bring about good things as well. In order to move forward, we must have change right?

So along with all the hype, negative associations and such about Friday the 13th, I have one basic theory.

If you believe this day is unlucky it will be.

So let's try it out. :))) Today I want you to tell yourself that Friday the 13th is a lucky day for you. This is something I've been doing for years, I honestly think I started it in middle school to be different. I'm not sure, I just know it has worked for me. Power of intention. :)))))) You have the power to make this a lucky day for yourself. :)))) Try it out ;) You may never see Friday the 13th the same again. :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. I was born on Friday 13th so it's always been a lucky day for me!! I hope you had a great one yourself!

  2. I was also born on Friday the 13th and I too believe it to be a lucky day. People are so afraid of it and there is no reason to be. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. Happy Friday 13th!


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