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Gemstones for Empaths and Sensitives

Photo by Moira Ashleigh

Gemstones for Empaths

Merry Meet :)))) As empaths and highly sensitives, gemstones can be very helpful to us. Most of us are very sensitive to their beautiful energy and can have wonderful results when working with them. So today I wanted to compile a list of gemstones that I think would be very helpful for you to work with. Some of them I work with personally all the time. As always though what's most important is how you feel when working with a gemstone. The best thing to do is start working with these stones and decide which ones have the best impact on you. You can choose one or several of them. :)))

General: I always recommend that everyone chooses a quartz crystal. I work with my quartz crystal most frequently. It really is a magickal tool for me. For more information on the quartz and it's many uses you can see this article: The Many Uses Of Quartz Crystal

Multi-purpose: One of the stones I wear around my neck is amethyst. This is another gemstone that is just wonderful for us to work with. It can help protect us psychically, reduce stress, enhance intuition, and help with meditation. It's just a wonderful stone all around.

Protection: As an empath, psychic protection is extremely important for us. I get requests for recommendations for a protection stone the most. I personally work with hematite. There's something about hematite that is equally comforting to me as well as protective. Some other great choices are black tourmaline, obsidian, bloodstone, labradorite, jasper, and onyx.

Grounding: Many of the stones that are used for protection are also great to use when grounding. Try using them when you do your grounding exercises. Other suggestions include jasper and malachite.

Releasing Negative Energy: Amber is a great choice to work with when grounding, and releasing any negative energy. This is something you should be doing frequently, because as empaths we can act like giant sponges for energy.

Enhance Intuition: Rainbow Moonstone is my absolute favorite for developing my intuition. I have a bracelet with a beautiful rainbow moonstone that I have been wearing for a few years now. I just love the energy on the stone.

Calming Gemstones: Let's be honest, a lot of us tend to worry.. a lot. lol :))) So it's quite helpful to have a stone on us that will help calm our energies. Jade is a great choice.

Positive Energy: I think it's helpful to have a gemstone that can boost our positive energy. Citrine is my favorite stone for this. :)))) This stone just lifts my energy and makes me smile. It's nice to have it to work with when you need that added boost. Tiger's eye is also a great choice. Tiger's eye can give you personal strength as well as joy. :))))

Relationships: As empaths we can tend to be guarded in relationships. For some of us, trust is very hard to give away. A great stone to work with to assist in your relationships is rose quartz. This stone is also amazing to help us learn self-love as well which is very important. It's a very calming stone that will help heal us and open our hearts.

Working with the angels: I wanted to include this as I credit the angels with so much on my path. They are a huge help in both the control and development of my gift. If you work with the angels I would pick up an angelite stone. This gemstone helps protect you and develop your intuition.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. I am always looking forward to seeing and reading your morning messages on my page. :) They lift me up and I try to follow them to the best ability I can. I deem myself as a believer and enjoy the advice and the blessings bestowed Thank You :)

  2. Thank you 4 your daily messages! I just found your blog, and am subscribing.

  3. I wear two hematite rings on my hands, one for each and I also wear a dolphin shape necklace. And sometimes I feel ungrounded and I also feel other peoples emotions. I ground myself every morning and put up two protective shields with my grounding and the energy of other people still get through. I guess I need to continue this throughout the day to keep the energy to get through. :)


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