Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Merry Meet :))) Tonight we celebrate the Full Harvest Moon. Yesterday I received a text on my phone telling me that the first frost was going to be this morning. I couldn't help but think about how suitable the timing was as I ran about harvesting all my herbs before the frost got to them. As I'm writing this, my house smells absolutely amazing as I have herbs hanging from nearly every door and even some bookshelves in the house. :))))) 

The Harvest Moon got it's name for that reason, it's time to Harvest everything. The wheel of the year is turning. Some nights are getting really chilly, and the frost is starting to claim what's left of any crops. So now is the time to harvest anything left and start preparing for the winter that is coming. You may also see this Moon referred to as the Singing Moon or the Wine Moon. 

I know some of you are already starting to get nervous about the upcoming Winter. Today start making preparations and becoming aware of yourself as we move towards winter. Many of us adore being outside and with the cold weather coming it can bring apprehension for the upcoming months. So find things that will make you happy about winter. :))) Start decorating for Samhain early. String additional lights around your house and grab some extra indoor plants to stay close to the sun and extra life that you enjoy during the summertime. Make a special place in your home that you can catch up on your reading. 

Tonights Moon will have the wonderful energy of any full Moon, however astrological alignments make this a bit of an off night. If you any rituals or spells to do I would recommend doing them before 7:15 Eastern standard time as that's when the Moon is in Pisces. That will be a good time for spiritual activities or workings. After that the Moon is void of course in the afternoon and when the Moon is in Aries, your work may not hold up as well as it should. I would take this Full Moon to take care of yourself and prepare for the upcoming season. An early morning meditation enjoying the sunshine and taking a spiritual journey would be perfect. Tonight go out and greet the Moon and enjoy her magickal energy. If it's warm enough tonight to sit outside, consider spending extra time outdoors in the Moonlight. Have a bonfire, and some snacks outside. :))))) 

If the weather holds, I am planning on going out with the little ones tonight on a moonlit hike to have s'mores in the woods :))))) There's something so satisfying about having a fire in the woods at night with s'mores, and coming back with cheeks that are chilly. :))))) I adore this time of the year. :)))) The weather is cool enough so it's quite comfortable going for hikes in the woods. The leaves are all starting to turn, and the woods are starting to have those beautiful shades of gold, red, and yellow. :))) Soon it will be that time of the year I go on as many long drives as I can to take in the beautiful sights here in New England. 
Have a wonderful night! :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings, 

Jasmeine Moonsong

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