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Herbs for Handfasting

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Herbs for Handfasting

Merry Meet :))))) I have been receiving a lot of questions from several of you getting ready for handfasting ceremonies. :))))))) I'm very excited for all of you. We've been looking at everything from gifts for the loving couple to rituals. I love herbs and I know most of you do as well. :))) Herbs can play a beautiful part in your ceremony. 

Let's look at some herbs and ways to incorporate them into your special day. 

Ivy brings fidelity, friendship and wedding bliss. A perfect place to incorporate this is into the bouquet that you will carry. When your celebration is over make sure you start a plant from the ivy shoot in your home. Ivy is a really hearty plant and you can successfully keep an ivy plant going for years by using the various shoots of the plant. 

Rosemary represents love and faithfulness. It is an ancient custom for brides to add rosemary to their bouquet, this tradition is still quite common today. 

Lavender is for luck, devotion and making wishes come true. I immediately think of the hair. :)))) I love how lavender just looks so romantic, so I can picture loose beautiful hair with sprigs of lavender woven into it. It also smells amazing so would be a wonderful addition to bouquets, centerpieces etc. 

The bride to be often makes a handfasting pillow for that day. You can embroider your names into this pillow. Add herbs like lavender and rosemary to the pillow. 

For the guests that attend the wedding you could send them home with seed packets for lavender and rosemary, or if you have enough time and the means to do so, send them home with baby lavender plants, or even ivy. 

Cinnamon sticks are said to ignite passion. Make some homemade cinnamon lotion for after the wedding for you and your new husband. :))

Ginger is another herb to spice things up ;) Consider adding ginger to a bubble bath after the ceremony is over. :))

Calendula means joy :)) You can hand out little soaps made with it to your guests, place some on the tables as decor, or add some to tea during the celebration.

The possibilities are endless. If you are planning your own ceremony look through pictures of herbs. Write down the ones that catch your fancy then research the herb to find out what it means and what it will attract. Think about all the various aspects of your ceremony and after the ceremony where you can incorporate herbs. Whenever possible make it so the herbs can be used again later, for example keeping them in pots for centerpieces. Much luck and love to all of you :))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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