Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Create A Gift Of Love and Light

**graphic by Cynnalia**

Create A Gift Of Love and Light 

One of the things that I do frequently is sending energy. Each night before I go to sleep I have a list of people that I have added mentally for one reason or another as wanting to send them energy. Many people are under the misconception that it takes energy to send energy. On one hand it does, you won't be able to concentrate well if you're hungry and sleepy. :))) However, it's not your energy that you are sending. You are simply a vehicle to move the energy through. 

So today I want you to pick one person that is very special to you. Got one? You are going to give them a gift of loving energy. :)) Don't worry I'll walk you through it. :)))) Now some of you already know how to do this, I ask you to lend your energy to the others to help them learn. It's very easy to do, and the more of us that know how to do this, the more impact we can have. Even if you only do this for one person a day, it honestly can have astounding results. :))))

If you have never sent energy before the biggest thing I can tell you is don't try to make it complicated. So many times we go looking for something that is right in front of us. Your intention and love is what makes this work. Even if you can't see what is happening, you need to have faith that it is, for I assure you it does work. With practice you will be able to feel it and with time you may even be able to see it. It looks a bit like heat radiating from the roof of a car during the summer. So are you ready? Have that someone special in mind?

Here we go!

Pick a spot in the house that is comfy for you. It can be anywhere you like just somewhere quiet where you can relax for a few minutes. I want you to sit in that spot and just start breathing. Long deep breaths in and out. With each breath in I want you to imagine yourself breathing in pure loving energy. With each breath out I want you to exhale any negativity or worries that you have on your mind. You should feel the tension draining out of your body. 

When you feel you are ready to move on I want you to think of your favorite memory. Try to put yourself back in that scene and remember all the details. Where were you? What did you see around you? What time of day was it? What could you hear? Could you hear any music? Were there people talking? How about smells. Any food cooking? What else can you remember? The more details you can come up with, the better. :))) Now I want you to relax and try to settle into that memory and try to remember how you felt. Did your heart feel full, do you remember how happy you were? Were you tingling with joy? 

Take all that emotion and I want you to attempt to move it into a ball of energy in your hand. Now this the majority of you will need to trust and will see it in your mind's eye. Some of you who are gifted with seeing energy may be able to see it. You might be able to feel it. Can you feel your hands tingling? Work to move all that loving energy and craft a ball of light in your hands filled with all the loving energy that you held in that moment. Spend some time with it. Do you see any colors as you are doing it? Keep concentrating on your breathing and filling your heart with love as you are doing this.

When you feel you are ready I want you to ask the universe to help you. Take a deep breath and blow onto your hands and concentrate on sending that ball of energy straight to the person you have chosen for your gift. Ask the universe to deliver your love to that person for their higher self to accept. 

Once you are done make sure you concentrate on sending any excess energy back to Mother Earth so it may be used for additional healing. Take a deep breath. How do you feel? :))))) Know that you have just given someone one of the most important gifts of all. One that you have made full of love and light and healing energy. Know that the universe will deliver your gift as it is filled with love and honesty and good intentions. 

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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