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From time to time I will come across something and it just starts my hands tingling and my heart fluttering. It happened the other day with a silver infinity ring. It's funny I have just spent close to 45 minutes looking for that original picture to show you and I cannot find it. The ring was really simple, and it was on the hand of a girl who was wearing it next to her ring finger. I immediately looked at my hand and felt like that ring belonged there. I did a quick search for it and found the ring on amazon. It was only $15.00. I'm not one to spend money on myself really though so I added it to my wish list and dismissed it from my thoughts. Over the next 24 hours I started seeing the infinity symbol everywhere, and I mean everywhere. 

When I awoke the next morning I still had the urge to order the ring so I ordered it. I took a wild stab at guessing on ring size as I had no idea what size that finger was. In less then two days I had it and it fits absolutely perfectly. Here's the pic of it. The ring next to it is kyanite :)))

I love the simplicity of it. So I had the ring and I knew that was suppose to happen. It was a "reward" if you will for what I have been doing lately. :)))) Much more then that though it was a reminder of a precious answer to a question I had so long ago. When I lost my Grandparent's I went looking for what was on the other side. I knew of the experiences I had when I was little and I was determined to prove that they were indeed real and there was a place where all our loved ones went. I also had a deep fear of dying, because of some of what I witnessed. At that time I would actually have anxiety attacks when I thought about it. So I went searching for answers. 

What I found was infinity. I found reincarnation and the endless cycle that our soul takes as it evolves. I found proof of the other side, and our loved ones that have crossed, and I have been blessed with the gift of standing on that center point of the infinity symbol. I can stand at the crossroads between our world and the other side and help to pass messages back and forth confirming to others the blessed gift that there is something beyond this life, and we will all be united with our loved ones one day. :)))) In fact many of our loved ones we literally travel with them for infinity as we come back many times together. :))))) It represents my commitment that I have made to carry this message forward in any way I can and help others to find their way on the cycle. It represents the different girl that I am today on my personal journey and how hard I have been working to master the concepts I need to in order to help guide others. 

It's really a pretty significant symbol when you think about it. Infinity is endless possibilities. The knowledge that wherever you are on your path, you will continue moving forward and be presented with and endless stream of options. 

The infinity symbol also stands for balance which is something we need to all strive for in this life. The perfect balance of everything is what will keep us happy and healthy. We need to remember to take that time for ourselves and keep ourself healthy as that will help us to be more productive elsewhere. 

In the Rider-Wait tarot deck the infinity symbol is over the head of the magician and on the strength card. It represents the spiritual connection on these cards, and the infinite connection to our spirit. 

The one you are probably most familiar with is it being the symbol for an endless love. Often times partners will use the infinity symbol in wedding rings or elsewhere to symbol their eternal devotion to one another. 

The infinity symbol has a very long history. I've seen many different start dates suggested the earliest I've seen being the Ancient Greeks in 490 BCE. Makes you really wonder where this symbol originated when it has that early of a presence in society. ;) 

In mathematics it is also called the lemniscate and was introduced as a mathematical concept in 1655 by John Wallis an English Mathematician.

There is so much meaning behind this ancient symbol. :))))))) I would encourage you to peruse more on your own. :))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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