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Jasmeine's Herb Garden - My Top 10 Wiccan Herbs

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Jasmeine's Herb Garden - My Top 10 Wiccan Herbs

I'll be the first to admit, I am lacking quite a bit in the green thumb department. :))))  However, I do still have gardens and I love working in them. I am just still a work in progress when learning how to keep things growing and healthy. :))) A question I get asked pretty frequently is what herbs I grow, or would I recommend growing. So today I thought I'd give you a look at what is in my herb garden. :)))

Lavender - My absolute favorite. I can never have enough lavender around. I adore the smell and use it in incense burners in the house, baths, sachets, and wherever else I can sneak a bit in. :))) Magickal properties for this herb include cleansing, happiness, healing, sleep, peace and purification. Lavender is actually a masculine herb that corresponds to the planet Mercury and the Air element. I actually like a combination of lavender and rosemary water as a spritz for added protection and cleansing.

Chives - This herb is one of the most popular herbs in my garden. My children will actually pull off little pieces of it and nibble on it during the summer months. They always bring some in for me to incorporate into my cooking as well. We use it in our eggs a lot as well. Magickal properties of chives include protection and weight loss. It can be helpful for colds, flu, and congestion. I'm actually nibbling on a piece right now as I write this lol :))) My son just brought me in some.

Sage - I have a couple different varieties of sage in my herb garden, native american, is one of them. I just want to note that you can use any type of sage for cleansing, it does not have to be white sage. Magickal properties for sage include cleansing, wisdom, immortality, and protection. I must confess I'm not a huge fan of using sage for culinary reasons. It's quite strong for me in my opinion. However, I have grown to love it in teas. It's helpful when you have respiratory or throat issues and can be soothing. Sage is a masculine herb the corresponds to the planet Jupiter and the Air element.

Basil - Part of my heritage is italian so you know I have to have Basil in my herb garden :))) This is an herb I incorporate into my cooking quite frequently in the summer. Magickal properties for Basil include love, exorcism, wealth, flying, and protection. It is said that if you carry basil in your pockets it will bring you wealth. It can also be used in a purification bath. Basil is a masculine herb that corresponds to the planet Mars and the Fire Element.

Mint - You can find soooo many different varieties of mint out there. I have several different kinds in my garden and throughout my yard. Take caution though, as this is an herb that spreads quickly. So it is best grown in pots. This is another herb that gets use a lot during the summer. Myself and the children are always using the different mints to flavor our water and chewing on the leaves. :))) Magickal properties for Mint include Money, Healing, and Protection. Mint is a masculine herb that corresponds to the Planet Mercury and the Air Element.

Oregano - Oregano is another herb I use fairly frequently when cooking. It's magickal properties include happiness, tranquility, harmony, love, protection, and psychic development. Oregano corresponds to the planet Venus and the Air element.

Rosemary - This is an herb that you tend to find in a lot of rituals and spell work. It is used a lot in protection work. Magickal properties for rosemary include cleansing, courage, knowledge and protection.

Lemon Balm - Another frequent addition to our water. :)))) Lemon Balm is just amazing :))) It can be used as a substitute for lemon in a lot of your dishes. Magickal properties include romance, purification and cleansing. It is a very calming herb. Lemon Balm corresponds to the planet Venus.

Lemon Verbena - I absolutely adore the way this plant smells. :))) Lemon Verbena's magickal uses include purification and love. It is said if you wear this herb on you it will attract the opposite sex. It can be used in baths for purification. It is a masculine herb that corresponds to the planet Mercury and the Air element.

Comfrey - Comfrey is an herb that was always grown in my Grandfather's garden. My father just gave me some last summer to start growing and I'm hoping it returns for me this year. It is a great herb to work with for healing. It is especially helpful when applied topically to skin issues. It's magickal properties include prosperity, protection, and safety. Comfrey is a feminine herb. It corresponds to the planet Saturn, and the Water element.

I have a few more herbs in my garden, Thyme, Chamomile, Stevia,  and I'm sure there's a couple others that I'm forgetting. These are the ones I use the most frequently though. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Well I have 6 of those herbs in my garden so that is a good start.I also have French Marjoram and Thyme,of course there are a few varieties of thyme,can't remember which mine is though lol! I adore Lavender too,it has to be my absolute favourite and I use it in oil as well as enrichimf my garden space.Thankyou for sharing Anji :-)


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