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The Witch's Pyramid

Witch's Pyramid

I learned about the Witch's pyramid while studying my first degree. It's such an important part of who we are and how we work as witch's. They are qualities that we should all strive to work for all the time as they will help us both personally and with our magickal workings. Think of it as a promise you are making as you work with them. You may want to read through them several times for awhile until you find yourself incorporating them into your life naturally. For those of you who have been working with them for awhile already it may just be a nice reminder or revalidation for you. It it easy to visualize it as a pyramid, though I have seen it presented corresponding to the elements on the pentacle as well. There are four levels to this pyramid that when they are all being met allows that fifth layer to be added. The descriptions below are my personal interpretations. They are as follows:

To Know (nescere) The first pillar, To Know, corresponds to the element of air. As witches we commit to a life long quest of knowledge. You can gain this knowledge from books, teachers, experience, and talking with people. As we all know knowledge is power. In order to be better witches we need to constantly continue to improve ourselves so that we are better able to assist ourselves and those around us with the skills that we acquire. I promise to constantly strive to learn more about myself, the world around me and my craft. May I be guided to obtain the knowledge that will help me be a better person and more capable to help those around me.

To Will (velle) The second pillar, To Will, corresponds to the element of fire. This is our will, or discipline when working with the skills that we have acquired. This is your intent both in your mundane and magickal life. As you go through your mundane life you want to work hard to be honest and keep your promises. When you are working with magick it's seeing your rituals through to the end and keeping your intentions clear. You want to increase your skills as you work with magick. I promise to work to be clear about what I wish to achieve in life and to align my intent with that. I will try each day to work towards my goals and keep my intent pure.

To Dare (audere) The third pillar, To Dare, corresponds to the element of of water. This is our ability to face our fears. Not everything in life is easy and you will sometimes find that you need to push yourself into unfamiliar territory in order to achieve your goals and stay true to your intent. We need to dare to conquer our fears, and our fear of the unknown knowing that we are guided on our paths and we are never alone. I promise to continue to confront my fears on my path and realize that I am never alone and that by confronting my fears I will become a better person, and improve my self-confidence.

To Keep the Silence (tacere) The fourth pillar, To Keep the Silence, corresponds to the element of Earth. When working with magick and ritual we need to keep silent about our workings so as not to invite others energy to cast any doubt or negativity to interfere with the energy we have raised with our intent. It also means to give thought before we speak. This can be one of the most challenging pillars to accomplish. The spoken word can have such profound effects upon others, we need to ensure that we choose our words carefully so as not to harm others, and at times we may need to just keep silent with our opinions. I promise to keep my magickal workings to myself so as not to interfere with the energy of my intentions. I will also work very hard to make sure that I don't harm others with my words or thoughts that may not need to be spoken.

To Go (ire) The fifth and final pillar, To Go, corresponds to the element of Spirit. When you work hard to master the four pillars and use them all in a positive way and with pure intent, the fifth and final pillar will be activated. I promise to go forth on my personal path knowing that I am surrounded by the loving arms of the Goddess, my guides and my angels. I will work hard to fill my life intention as given to me by the Goddess in return for the blessings and guidance that I am given. I walk my path with pure intent, pure love, and without fear in the knowledge that I will never be alone again.

Won't you join me?

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. reminds me of a quote (don't know where from tho): A true witch stands on a pyramid of power, whose foundation is a profound knowledge of the occult, whose four sides are a creative imagination, a living faith, a will of steel and the ability to remain silent, and whose internal structure is love.
    Blessed be


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