Saturday, December 7, 2013

Barred Owls

**original photo by B Barnes Flickr**

Barred Owls

So the other day I was working and I had my ocean sounds going on youtube, over my ocean came the distinct sound of an owl. I muted the sound on my computer and just sat there listening to it for quite some time. My son joined me quite quickly as he was curious why I had the house so quiet. :))) I was just captivated by it. I usually don't hear owls during the day. After a bit of research, I believe it was the Barred Owl. The call sounds exactly the same as what I'm hearing. If you would like to see a video you can check it out here:

This owl is native to North America and is typically found on the East Coast. :)) I read that they typically nest where hawks have abandoned there nests, or where woodpeckers have carved out trees. I have a family of red-hawks living right behind my house, and a family of woodpeckers living in my yard. :)))) He sounded like he was rather close, so I'm curious if now I may have an owl joining the other beautiful birds in my yard. Tango, my cockatiel, was excited by the sounds. :))))

The following is from Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer:

"If BARRED OWL shows up, it means:
Express yourself through your voice, whether singing, humming, or chanting.
Weather any storms your’re now encountering with as much gentleness & grace as you can muster.
Take a walk in the forest or bush, and while doing so, notice the sounds you hear.
Make your intention cooperation, rather than competition or rivalry, in your relationships with everyone."

The owl has long been a mystical animal, and most are familiar with them being a symbol of insight and wisdom. One example of this is our beautiful Goddess Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, is often depicted with an own by her side. Owls have also been used as a wiccan symbol for a long time. It is said that owls share their gift of vision with the witches who honor them.

If an owl appears to you it is a strong omen. They are known to appear to those who are strong-willed and/or intuitive. They can be a sign that you need to further your education, or work on developing your intuition.

Native Americans believed that the owl could protect them against harm and they always wore owl feathers to assist with that protection. You can hang an owlfeather in your door to keep evil spirits out and help protect your house as well.

Owls seem to keep appearing on my path lately. On a recent trip to the zoo with my son I told him he could pick out one present in the gift shop. He pointed to the top shelf of a rack where there was a white snowy owl, and told me he wanted to give me the owl. Beyond sweet. :)))))) I let him choose a second gift, but the owl came home with me. :))))) I had to laugh when I looked at his tag and his name was spells. :)))))))

There have been several other incidents of them showing up in "noticeable ways" on my path as well lately. Perhaps a totem animal to help me a bit. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Hi Jasmeine! Love this post. Everywhere I turn lately I see an owl somewhere. I wish I was in the country so I could see a real one. I have been looking at it as protection, which I could use all the time but it's nice to know it has intuitive properties because I am beginning my study of the Tarot, maybe a great time for me to start. Also thanks for sharing the Beanie Boo, I am so buying me one to add to my collection. Have a great day.

  2. hi, I discovered the owl is my power animal after years of being scared of birds,
    I now volunteer at an owl sanctuary
    there seems to be a lot of people discovering owls lately , I think it is due to the mass spiritual awakening that started to happen in 2012
    you can read about my owl experiences here :
    blessed be )0(

  3. After a bit of research, I believe it was the Barred Owl. The call ...


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