Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Long Nights Moon

**graphic by Fel-X**

Long Nights Moon

Merry Meet :))) Full Moon Blessings to you! :)) Tonight is the Long Nights Full Moon. This Moon is also known as the Cold Winter Moon, Full Cold Moon, and the Big Winter Moon. It's quite easy to see where this full moon gets it's name from. As I'm writing this to you, the snow is coming down outside. :)))) It's really super pretty, and I am anticipating tonight when the Moon will light up all the new fallen snow outside making my backyard look truly mystical.  There is something just amazingly magickal and peaceful about a full Moon on a snowy night. :)))) Tonight's Moon is the final full moon of the year. When we celebrate our next full Moon the days will be starting to get longer again. :))) 

The last few months have been hectic for many of us. Tonight we want to put those tough times behind us and walk forward to the promise of longer days coming, and ultimately more sunshine coming your way. Whatever you have been walking through recently, things are going to change and you will find things beginning to get easier as we go through the Winter Solstice and into the New Year. Look at those trials and tribulations that you have successfully navigated in the past few months and give yourself a huge pat on the back. You know what? You made it! :))) And those changes you made and those changes you will make going forward are going to make your life that much happier so hang in there :)))))

With the Moon in Cancer, the Moon tonight is a great one to work on your emotions and relationships with other. If you have things that are affecting your home, tonight is a great night to work on those issues as well. Tonight take a close look at those relationships that have the largest impact on your life. How do they affect you day to day? How do they affect your home life? Are there things that you can do in the place you live to make it feel more like a home? It's amazing how many of us can live somewhere but have it never really feel like home. Look at what changes you can make to make where you live and your primary relationship align better with your true self. 

Tonights Correspondences for Your Magickal Workings:

Element: Fire
Deities: Minerva, Osiris, Athena, Persephone and Hades
Colors: White, red, and black
Gemstones: Obsidian, ruby, serpentine
Trees: Pine, holly
Herbs: Ivy, mistletoe, holly and berries, cinnamon

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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