Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Magickal Willow Tree

The Magickal Willow Tree

Willow trees are magickal trees known for their assistance in magick, healing and inner vision. I'm blessed to have a beautiful one in my yard. Have you ever taken the time to lay underneath one? For me, their energy is just incredible. It's as if the branches float gently above me whisking away any worries and cares that I might have.

One of the things I love to do with the willow tree is make wreaths for my house. During the summer time I love to put fresh herbs like lavender in the wreaths, in the winter I will choose to intertwine evergreen branches and add some pine cones. Most of you will have a favorite place to meditate and I would encourage you to make a wreath to assist you. When it is done you can hang it in the area that you meditate in and it will help you to stay grounded and open to your intuition.

I find most of the time my Willow trees will have dropped branches that are perfect to use. You will want to choose branches that are thick enough for a wreath, but flexible enough to braid together. Once you've selected your three branches sit under the tree (weather permitting) and braid the three branches together. (You will want to have a rubber band for each end of the braid and some ribbon of your choice to hold it together in a circle at the end)

The first branch represents magick, the second healing, and the third inner vision. As you braid the branches together focus your intent on those three things and weaving them together so that they will work together in harmony. Say the following as you start braiding the branches.

"Willow tree, wise and strong,
grace me with your loving energy and song,

grant your energy to these branches and widom,
so they may assist me with my visions,

I ask you to work with me
on this day

So Mote It Be"

When you are done be sure to thank the willow tree for lending you it's branches and energy. Place the wreath where you want the assistance. I hang mine on my wall behind my work space as that's where I write, do my art, and meditate. :)) The braid makes a wonderful way to tuck flowers into it throughout the season. When the flowers die you can replace them with new ones. The leaves will dry in a few weeks and usually brush off pretty easy. During the summer you can tuck fresh herbs into it like rosemary and lavender.

I hope you enjoy!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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