Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Endymion Oracles - Nina's Story

Endymion Oracles - Nina's Story

Merry Meet :))))) I'm finding more and more as I work with all of you how wonderfully talented you all are! :))))) It doesn't surprise me, most of us whom are sensitive have a unique view of the world and often will express ourself through various art forms such as writing, music, painting, jewelry design, etc. :))) Today I have a beautiful example from a wonderfully talented sister of Moonsong Daily Magick, Heaven Leigh. :)))) Not only is her work amazing, but she's an amazingly beautiful soul as well, a pure delight to talk to. Her beautiful energy just encompasses all that she comes in contact with.

This weekend we had quite a bit of snow where I am, and I finally got the chance to grab a copy of her book Nina's story. I curled up with a cup of tea next to my sliding doors watching the snow fall with a super soft blanket and truly enjoyed the world in which she has created in Nina's story. Nina's story is the first in a planned trilogy from Heaven, and after reading the first book, I cannot wait till she publishes the next part of Nina's journey.

The book draws you in very quickly with it's mystical descriptions of the villageNina lives in, and you will instantly fall in love with Nina the 17 year old Priestess and heroine of this majestic tale. She lives in a time where they all worship the Goddess and Nina is a gifted Seer who works very closely with the Goddess and with a mysterious lover who comes to her to help guide her on her journey to save the village. For you see a wizard has come to try to take over the town and turn the people's love of the Goddess away from her and onto a new God, butNina and her family are able to see through his schemes. He is scaring the town into giving him their most prized possessions and promising them safety from a mysterious illness that has plagued towns before theirs. You will cheer Nina on as she becomes courageous in her efforts to save her home and the people she loves. This is one of those books that you won't be able to put down once you start it. :))))))) Heaven Leigh did an amazing job of taking you on a magickal journey with Nina in Nina's Story - The Endymion Oracles.

Grab a Copy :))) 

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Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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