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Mystical Mediation

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Mystical Meditation

Merry Meet :)

Mystical Meditation is a form of meditation where you attempt to make direct contact with your guides and/or the divine. In doing this it also helps you to discover your second sight, and develop your intuitive gifts. I recommend doing it about 20 minutes a day or as time allows you, however I wouldn't do much more than a half hour as it can be draining.

This is a simple exercise for you to work with and get use to doing it. It is important to note that if you successfully connect the other realms, you may experience energy running through your body. This can feel like tingling, a warming sensation, or a slight buzzing throughout your body. :) It's nothing to be afraid of, it just feels a bit different. It's always a good idea to ground, center and shield yourself with a beautiful loving white light before beginning any intuitive exercise. Make sure to ground after each exercise to rid yourself of any excess energy. As you work with it more, you will become use to the sensation, and you will find you are able to work with your intuition longer without becoming as fatigued.

What You Need

- White Candle
- something to light the candle
- comfortable place

Choose a comfortable place for your meditation. Make sure you have on loose fitting comfy clothes. For this meditation you should be sitting in an upright position with your back as straight as possible. You may consider using a table or a desk if you find that more comfortable.  Personally I like to flop out on my bed where I have plenty of room to get comfy and relax.

Light the white candle.

When you begin working with this I would start with a small increment of a minute or two, working up to 10 minutes.  Keep the candle about a foot from your eyesight, and look directly into the candle flame.  As you watch the flame work to keep your mind steady and dismiss any thoughts that may come to your mind about daily activities. Just concentrate on the dancing of the flame and your breathing.

After about 10 minutes close your eyes. You should now be able to see the image of the flame in your third eye.

Concentrate on the image in your third eye. It usually will fade after a few moments but hold it there as long as you can. This works on developing your second sight. What happens is not only are we working on our second sight but you have shifted your concentration from an outside concentration point to an inner concentration point. Keep holding the image and dismissing any outside thoughts from daily life. By doing this we begin to access our subconscious and also are more receptive to messages from the divine.

After the image of the candle has faded from your Third Eye, remain sitting quietly looking into your mind. While you do this you may see cloud formations of color, pictures, light, images from the Astral World. At this point just allow yourself to be free and listen and watch your third eye for any guidance you may receive.

When you are comfortable and ready to end your meditation slowly bring yourself back. Stretch, take some notes and ground if you wish. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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