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Nature is Your Mentor

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Nature is Your Mentor

So many of you are looking to improve your gifts.  While things like meditation, astral travel, and psychic exercises can be important, I think the simple is often overlooked.

In my opinion the best place to work on your gifts is outside.  Everything in the world is made up of energy, from the people we encounter, to the animals that surround us, the trees, stones, water and on and on.  Every single thing consists of energy, and it's all linked together in this beautiful web that surrounds us.

Most of us called to the path are highly sensitive.  I would go out on a limb and say that pretty much every single one of you working with me are highly sensitive and most are empaths.  So this means that we were all born highly sensitive to the energy around us.  It's what gives us our "psychic" gifts.

So in order to develop these gifts we need to use them. :))))))  I see many people trying to practice reading other people.  While this is ok if you know the person well, it's not something I really recommend.  What I do recommend is going out and reading nature. :)))  Not only will it help you to develop your gifts but it will help cleanse you and ground you at the same time which makes it easier for you to work with your gifts. :))))))

So find a path that you can walk in the woods.  Feel the dirt and pebbles crunch under your feet and try to feel the energy of the people who have walked there before you.

Look at the trees around you and note their size, placement etc.  Find one that is older and spend a bit of time with it.  See if you can feel the energy coursing through it and the things it has seen in it's life.  I have a really old oak tree up the road from me that I am attached to. :)))))) I'll write about it later on, but I love just being in it's presence.  It's on an old dirt road that use to lead to a part of town that's no longer there.  You can literally feel the carts and horses imprint in the dust of the road going by that old tree.

Take a walk by a babbling brook or a lake and see what you feel.  Note the energy of the water, how calm it is and uplifting.  Then take it a step further and try to feel the various animals that have come there to drink.

Find a quiet place to sit and just watch and listen.  Look for signs around you.  Watch the animals.  Ground and center and then be mindful of your energy.  Notice how much closer they come the calmer you are and the more you become one with Mother Earth.

We are a nature based religion.  I honestly dislike the word religion....  It's more important to be spiritual.  The roots of our spirituality come from the Earth and nature.  Don't look for answers in technology.  Seek them with the spirits and the energy that reside in the forest, for you could walk your path without ever picking up a book or looking on a computer and you would still learn all you need to know out there.  :))))

Trust, feel, and love. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Great post, thank you :)

  2. Perfectly said!!!

  3. I have a oak tree out front of my front door. I love that tree. The animals and birds that comes to it, I love them. Out back behind my house is a creek that I love. I love to set and watch the water flow. In Spring there are frogs, snakes, fish, and other creatures. I love where I live. At night the Moon travels over my house and also the Sun. At night I see many stars. Nature is my Mentor. Blessed Be.


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