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Positive Energy Crystal for Empaths

Positive Energy Crystal for Empaths

Merry Meet :)  When you are sensitive to energy, you will find that gemstones are absolutely amazing to work with and can be quite helpful for us. When I learned I was an empath, one of the things I was taught very early was how to charge a crystal with positive energy to assist me on my path.

I started with charging a small amethyst that I wear in a pentacle around my neck. It's the necklace that I placed around my neck when I dedicated myself to the craft. I wear it all the time. Funny enough, it's been years and it's still in amazing shape. :)))))

Since then, the stones I wear regularly that I have charged to assist me has grown. :)))) Another one that I've had a couple years and wear all the time is a soapstone one that is very dear to my heart. It's a beautiful luminescent green that reminds me of the Moon. It was made for me as a present and I love it. For anyone who's curious, Soapstone is wonderful for creating positive energy. It has a calming influence on you when you where it. It's also very helpful when you are going through changes in your life and helps to prepare you for anything. Soapstone can also be used for opening the doors between our plane and the other planes. I use it primarily to facilitate communication and movement of energy. Amethyst is a wonderful grounding stone. It helps bring calm and inner peace as well as promotes balance. It can also help to protect against psychic attacks. My other stones that I wear all the time include a Rainbow Moonstone bracelet, a Kyanite ring and a Star Sapphire ring. All are cleansed and charged regularly to assist me.

When choosing a crystal for yourself follow your intuition. Many of you will find that there is a particular stone that is going to call to you. The Rainbow Moonstone is one of those stones for me. I can feel it's energy almost immediately when I'm around one. :)))) Almost any of the quartz crystals would be a good choice. Quartz is like a mini container to hold energy. It is very easy to program with your energy and to work with. I have an article on Quartz here: The Many Uses Of Quartz Crystals

A second thing you want to consider is how you will carry this stone. You may wish to look for one that is already in a necklace, bracelet or ring so that it's easier to have on you all the time. Look for stones that are durable and easy to cleanse so that you can have them readily available to you all the time and won't have to worry about damaging them.

The first thing you want to do when you get your stone is smudge it. You can use dragon's blood incense, white sage, or any other method such as cool water. Please verify that your stone is ok in water before cleansing in water. I maintain my stones by cleansing them from time to time, especially if I know I have depended upon one heavily on a day. As you get to know your stones and your energy you may wish to modify this. For instance, my soapstone I never need to cleanse and charge, but my kyanite requires it frequently.

Once you have chosen your stone get to know it. My two necklaces never come off of me. When you are extremely relaxed or happy hold it in your hands and concentrate on moving that energy through your hands and into the stone. You can also charge them on the night of the full moon. Stand under the Moon and ask the Goddess to help you charge your stone with positive energy. If there isn't a full Moon and you are having a hard time but wish to charge them simply ask the Goddess and the energy of the universe to help you add positive energy to the stone.

Keep the stones on you as much as you can. This is why I recommend getting them in jewelry. When I am stressed I will just touch my hand to the stone and I can feel it vibrate with positive energy. It helps me to draw the calm loving energy from it. The site below is a website that I love to use for information on crystals and gemstones.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The ones in the picture are mine. :)))

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