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Tonight's Moon Magick

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Tonight's Moon Magick

Merry Meet :))) Many of you know how much I love the New Moon and working with New Moon magick. It's an incredibly powerful night. Tonight, not only do we have the New Moon but it's a Super Moon. So what does this mean? The simple meaning is the Moon is closest to Earth so it will appear largest in the sky. This happens on average 5 to 6 times per year. It's obviously easier to view the Super Moon on the night of a Full Moon, however, sometimes we can see the New Moon at night as well, and you will have to look closely tonight to see if you can spot it. Whether you can or not, it's energy will definitely be apparent tonight.

As if this wasn't enough, tonight is also a Black Moon. What does that mean? Again, keeping it simple, a Black Moon occurs whenever we have two New Moons in the same calendar month. This differs from the Dark Moon, in that the Dark Moon is the period between Waxing and Waning when we cannot see the Moon at all. As we discussed in a previous article, rather than seeing the color black or the word dark as negative, view it as having all the colors combined into one and being a very powerful Moon to work with.

Tonight the Moon is in Aquarius. It's a really strong and quick energy that makes this the perfect time for abrupt changes and new beginnings. Personal freedom and individuality is the focus.

I've been talking about how this year is the year of you, finding your true self, and aligning on your personal path. Tonight is going to be a very strong night of changes for all of us. Things that are hidden may be brought to the open for you to deal with. So tonight give a lot of thought to you, and what resonates best with you. Pay close attention to your thoughts and make sure that they are not influenced by what other people want you to be, but what you truly want.

If you have anything you want to be rid of, tonight is the night. Write it on a piece of paper and set it on fire releasing it to the divine, and letting them know what you wish to replace it with. Remember in magick, much is about balance, so when removing something you need to replace it with something. The same when you are drawing something to you, it will need to replace something. So for instance a lot of you have been writing in with money issues lately. An example of the perfect thing to release tonight would be financial worries. Replace it with the knowledge that you are deserving of financial abundance and ask the Goddess to guide you to it. Think about how you will release those financial worries. Can you start a program to budget your money? Can you do something to help yourself feel more comfortable so you aren't worrying about it? Write out an affirmation for yourself that affirms that you are open to having financial comfort and work with it. This is just one example of how you can work with the energy tonight. :))))

One of our members, Tina had a special request for this evening and I wanted to put it forth to all of you. :))) I was going to rewrite it, but honestly, I think she did perfect with it. So I am going to request that those available send forth this energy this evening. I will be sending it at 6:00 p.m. EST for those who wish to join with me. I know this time won't work for all of you as we are all over the world, so if you are unable to join at that time, any time you are able to would be appreciated. :))) I feel this request aligns perfectly with the energy of the Moon this evening. She does mention some negative things going on in the world which I tend to refrain from addressing in this newsletter, however I feel they help to define her request. So you may wish to have a "gentle shield" when reading the following. :)) I do hope you will join us.

"I wanted to put the word around all my witchy friends, to ask if they could do something to send a powerful wave of positive energy out to the Earth, to give strength to all those fighting evil, whatever form it takes, and to all those who do wonderful things to change the way humans live on this planet. Also, to bring down those who wish to stay in a position of power, that allows them to keep people in poverty while they stay rich. To stop these people from controlling what we eat, grow, make and buy. To stop them taking away our choices, just to benefit themselves and their agenda of power and greed. To stop them from trafficking and abusing children all over the world.

Some of this may sound negative, but I believe that you have to be aware of what is evil out there and direct positive energy in that direction. Light must triumph over the Dark, so that at least balance is restored. However, because of the various bits of news and sites I keep an eye on are showing just how frightening and widespread the destruction of Earth is, and just how high up the power ladder, depravity of child sex abuse goes, I think that the Light must win these battles and prevail. The one thing that gives me hope is that my Guides indicate there are thousands, possibly millions, more 'Warriors of Light' than there are those of the Dark. There have been some truly horrendous stories of abuse, especially against young boys in care homes, here in the UK, and we are talking about abusers being in very high positions in government, police, judiciary, business and the entertainment world. What stories are hitting our news now, are the tip of the iceberg. Hence the good people putting loving magical energy out there on this coming 'Black Moon', to counteract any evil that may be contemplated by these cruel people. There are some amazing people out there, risking their lives to get the truth out. Bless them, they need all the help and protection they can get.

This is why, besides putting out waves of positive energy, love, compassion and magic, I would love it if people could ask for truth, justice and Light to help bring about a major change everywhere."

- Tina

Have a magickal night!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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