Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Build Your Safe Place

**graphic by Klontak**

Build Your Safe Place

When you are highly sensitive and or an empath it can be extremely helpful to have a safe place to go to. This is a method that will work well for anyone and I highly recommend it. We are going to build a safe place in your mind. This way you have it no matter where you are on your path, and you can use it any time. :)))))))) This is a long term meditation of sorts, you can continue to add to it as you go.

Get comfy and settled and think about what relaxes you the most. What type of setting... is the woods, the ocean, a lake, a river quietly babbling by, a field full of flowers? When I started this exercise I started with a beautiful lake. While I absolutely adore the ocean, I wanted a place that was very calm and serene and the stillness of the water on a lake really appealed to me. I added a small beach, as I love the feel of soft sand under my bare pigs. I then realized that I would like a place to sit while I looked out over this amazing lake so I added a dock that I could sit on to watch the sun rise and set while I dangled my toes into the water. I love privacy so I surrounded myself by mountains and woods. This is a place just for me, even though I am sharing with you today. :)))))

So how are you doing? Are you starting to create the perfect environment for yourself. This is your place. You can have whatever you want, wherever you want. As you build though, pay attention to your emotions and add things that give you that calm and grounded sensation. :)))) Add in things like scents and sounds. My hawk is there with me as well as fresh lavender as I love the smell of it.

The next thing I want you to think about is a house. What kind of home would you like in this setting? For simplicity I designed myself a simple one room cottage, quite similar to one I saw in a past life regression. I have a hearth and a single table in the middle of it where I can go during meditation to speak with my guides if I need clarity. I also have fresh herbs hanging about the room to dry and a lovely bookshelf that goes from the floor to the ceiling.

How are you doing? Still with me? Are you getting your creativity going? :))))

I have one more piece that I want you to add to this safe spot you're building. Somewhere in your house, or outside your house. I want you to put a box. Now this can be any type of box you want, but it must be able to seal and lock. For you see this is going to be a magick box. ;) Each time you go to your safe spot, I want you to take whatever negativity that you are carrying or problems and put them in that box, then lock it back up. :)))) This is a very special box for it will hold onto anything that you don't wish to. If you wish to retrieve something for informational purposes you can always go back and get it, but nothing will come out of that box unless you wish it to. :))))

This is your place. No one is allowed there except for you. :)))) You and only you have access and the keys to that box. You visit here any time you want. You can visit for a quick moment just to dump something negative in the box, or you can spend meditation time there, or even just spend a bit of time there before you drift off to sleep. :))))


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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