Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

Merry Meet :)))) Last summer I added an amazing herb to my garden in the basket you see above, and it quickly became a favorite. :))) Any guesses? :))

Chocolate Mint! :)))))

How many of you are going oooohhhh right now? lol :))))

I got it on clearance from a local farm as it needed some TLC. I adopted it and brought it home. This variety of mint is producing really long stems like vines so I wanted to give it a place where it could grow to its little hearts content. I found the hanging basket above on clearance at Home Depot. :))) I love iron. :))) I'm hoping it will love it's new home and do really well this summer. :))) You can see a few sprigs that are doing well. :))))

I have a bunch of it dried that I am still using from my winter herb stash. :))) When I was researching it I saw a lot of people say that it doesn't smell like chocolate, but when you rub it's leaves gently I think it smells just like one of those Andes Candies. :)))) For those of you that may not have those in your area, they are an after dinner mint given out at some of the restaurants round here. It's two thin layers of chocolate with a thin layer of mint in between. That's probably my favorite candy ever. Well any type of chocolate mint I adore pretty much but those are my favorite. :)))))

So back to mint. I adore mint. I've mentioned before it's one of my favorite herbs because of all the amazing varieties you can get. I saw an orange variety last summer that I'm thinking of adding this year. One of the primary uses I have for it is in my water and the kids water during the summer. I also use it in my teas in the winter. I have several varieties growing in my yard and we will pluck a leaf or two for our water and flavor it. It goes amazing in my seltzer water too. :)))) We all have sensitive tummies too so it helps to keep them settled.

Most of you may know but Mint is an herb that lovesss to multiply. So when planting it, it's best to keep it in a container or have a way to control where it's going. I use it as a bit of a ground cover near the field behind my house, that way when we mow it smells like mint. lol :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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