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Charge a Smoky Quartz Crystal for Protection and Grounding

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Charge a Smoky Quartz Crystal for Protection and Grounding

Merry Meet :))) One of my favorite gemstones to work with is Quartz because of it's tremendous versatility and energy.  While clear quartz can be programmed for pretty much anything you wish, there are many other varieties of quartz that are wonderful to work with as well, Smoky Quartz being one of them.  Smoky quartz is a great stone for removing any negative energy, protecting you, and helping you to stay grounded. For those of you who are empaths and sensitives, you will absolutely love this stone, and want to have it on you almost all the time.  Even if you are not sensitive, everyone can use some help in grounding and protection and this stone is simple to work with and works amazingly well. So today I wanted to teach you how to charge a piece of smoky quartz.

Find a piece of smoky quartz that you wish to work with. When choosing your perfect quartz crystal note the energy on the stone, how it feels in your hands etc. :))) Many of the stones I work with almost seem to call to me.  Take your time, and use your intuition to find that perfect stone for you.

Choose a pot or container that you can use to collect some earth in.  While you collect the soil, say the following:

"Great Goddess bless this fertile soil that I take today
infuse it with your loving energy and protection."

Once you have the soil in the pot, take your quartz crystal and hold it in your hands. Direct your energy into the stone, envisioning it grounding you and serving to protect you. Say the following:

"Great Goddess I ask you to charge this quartz with my intent
May it protect me and keep me grounded when I have it with me."

Take the stone and bury it in the soil in the pot, taking care to make sure that you have completely covered your crystal.

Set the pot with the crystal out in the sun for several hours to let it charge.

When a few hours have passed take the crystal out and brush any remaining soil off of it. You may run it under cool water if you wish to remove any additional dirt that may still be on it.

Take time to thank the Goddess and the Earth for helping to charge your crystal.

You now have a charged smoky quartz crystal to assist you with protection and grounding.  It is best to carry it on you if you can.  Hold the crystal at any time to assist you, and draw the energy from the stone. You can repeat this process any time you wish to recharge the stone, if you use it frequently I recommend doing it at least once a month, or whenever the energy doesn't feel as strong to you.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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