Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full Storm Moon Blessings

Full Storm Moon

Merry Meet :))))) Full Storm Moon Blessings :)))))) Tonight is the night of the Full Storm Moon, also known as the Crow Moon, and the Seed Moon. The weather here has been a little crazy lately. We managed to dodge the last snowstorm, but we have been getting extremely strong winds, and lots of rain as we typically get in the month of March, hence part of the reason this storm has it's name of the Storm Moon. Hopefully it will continue to be rain going forward, and Mother Nature won't surprise me with a couple more snowstorms before Spring is officially here. :)))) As I'm writing this I'm watching the last few inches of snow continue melting into the ground and the robins are rooting for worms in the patches of Earth that are now visible in my backyard. :)))) I honestly am quite excited about the coming of Spring and looking forward to seeing my herbs again as I know they will come through in the next few weeks.

This Moon is closely aligned with the Spring Equinox that happens next week. As the life on our Mother Earth blooms around us, we need to use this time to reflect upon how we want our lives to bloom in response to it. Many of us are anxiously awaiting the fruits of our labor that we have been working so hard on in the past months.

The Moon is in Libra tonight, so if you have partnerships you are wanting to form, either business or personal, tonight is the night. Libra heightens our magick tonight when working with balance and the beautification of our surroundings. So do something tonight that is representative with the direction you want your life to go. Start a seedling of a flower that you love and vow to help that flower grow and thrive in your home. Promise to care for that flower and as the flower blooms and comes to fruition let it echo how you wish your life to bloom. It's a great night for prosperity spells.

It's also the perfect night to clean! (shhhh don't let anyone hear you groan.) Light those white candles, get the incense going and smudge your house. Make sure you sweep the floors and removed the dust from the corners. Throw open the windows and allow it to usher out any air and energy that has grown stale and bring it positive energy to lend to the magick you wish to work. If you are still in really cold weather like I am, perhaps only open them for a moment. ;) However be aware the strength of this Moon will help you to clean out more then just your house. This is the night to remove anything that is weighing you down and stopping you from moving forward and ushering in the new. For some of you this may occur at a fast pace, so have trust in the Divine that everything will work out according to plan. Don't cling to that past, but rather embrace the future and the precious gift of moving forward that Libra and tonight's Moon bring you. Tonight you hold the power to go forward.

When working in rituals tonight look to include colors like Green for prosperity, yellow and light purple for the coming Spring. You may want to include gemstones such as Bloodstone and Aquamarine. Some perfect herbs to work with tonight include High John, Pennyroyal, and Apple Blossoms. Our element for this evenings work is Water.


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. This is wonderful...thank you for all this information. LOVE your site ~ will be coming back! ~ Denise

  2. Love your helpfulness in my wiccan journey!


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