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Magickal Cleaning With Herbs

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Magickal Cleaning With Herbs

One of the things to do to increase our energy and vibration is to increase the energy in our home. When increasing our energy and vibration, it's important to look at the environment we spend a lot of time in, our home. :))) One way we can help to influence the energy in our home is by using magickal washes in our cleaning. :)))) 

If you are familiar with herbal correspondences, you can combine herbs that have the properties that you wish to attract to your home. If you've not already picked up this book, it's an amazing help when trying to sort which materials are best to work with. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences: A Comprehensive & Cross-Referenced Resource for Pagans & Wiccans For instance, I use tea tree oil in a lot of my cleansing products, not only for it's amazing cleansing qualities, but also because of it's metaphysical properties including cleansing, protection, purification, and enhancing intuition. This helps to make my home charged with energy that is comfortable and helpful for me to work in. 

You can not only use the herbs but the essential oils as well. You'd be amazed how well something simple like peppermint essential oil and plain seltzer water can cleanse a counter in your kitchen and make it smell amazing. You can also use sage leaves, seltzer water, and a dash of lemon to clean counters with as well. Before using any type of natural cleanser always look up the ingredients you are using with the type of area you wish to clean to ensure it will not harm it in any way, for example if you have granite counters, wood floors etc.

For extra punch in your cleaning products leave the water you will use as a cleansing base out under the light of a full moon to charge, or the herbal cleansing mix after you have made it. A simple way to make washes is to choose the herbs that correspond to what energy you wish to raise in your home. Steep the herbs together for 10 - 15 minutes. The add your moon water to the liquid you have made. 
When you wash, wash clockwise to draw positive energy, counter-clockwise to remove negative energy. 

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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