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Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone

Merry Meet :))))

Yesterday I told you about the gemstone show that I went to the other day, and told you I had a story to share with you about my son Cole today. :))))) So Cole loved the show for about the first half hour, then he was really wanting to go home. The reason for this is he really wanted to touch all the amazing stones and unfortunately, pretty much every display was a "no touch" situation.

So I was shocked when I came across this beautiful display with a sign that said "Please touch." I was still super nervous as some of the stones had price tags that were well over anything I had on me for cash, or in my account for that matter. lol :))) A wonderful woman came over to us and actually started talking to Cole right away. I was grateful for her help at this point as I was a bit worn from trying to keep him happy and moving so that I could take in everything I wanted to see.

I almost laughed when the first thing she put in his hand was a beautiful piece of malachite. This was the one stone that he had been gravitating to the entire show, which was something that I was curious about with my children. Malachite absorbs negative energies, clears and activates the chakras, and helps one tune into spiritual guidance. Not a shocking choice for him. :)))) It also works amazingly with the heart chakra. Cole is super sensitive so I found myself nodding as the woman explained the stone to us. I laughed and told her that he was sensitive and she'd managed to pick the one stone he'd been gravitating too the entire show. Unfortunately most of the malachite was out of my price range. The one piece that he really wanted was $40.

We must have spent well over 20 minutes with this woman as she showed them different stones and fossils and explained a bit about them encouraging Melody and Cole to feel them. Honestly this one woman made the entire show for my little ones. This was much more in line with what I had been expecting at the show. She spent so much time with us and went over so many stones, I told my children they could each pick one of the smaller stones to take home with them.

This is where it got really interesting for me. Cole went down the entire line, feeling a bunch of different stones. After quite some time, he says "Mommy I like these stones." It was a bin of obsidian. Again not surprising as it's a wonderful protection stone, and I guess that's what I expected him to be drawn to. So I asked him which one he wanted and he started sifting through the little bin, moving all the stones around. He finally drew one out with what I thought were white flecks on it. I thought it maybe was snowflake obsidian. So I asked the woman who ran the booth what type of stone it was and she gasped with surprise asking where I had found that.

I told her that Cole had found it in with the obsidian. She said it was the only one she had with her and she had honestly been looking for it as it had been lost for some time. The stone itself is quite small, under 1/2 inch round. She then explained to me that it was a Nebula stone. I forget what she said about Cole, something about him being sensitive, and said this stone clearly belongs with him so I will sell it to you. She knew I didn't have much for money on me as she heard me say something earlier about loving to buy the malachite but not being able to, so she gave me the stone for just $6.00.

The stone is actually dark green, but it honestly looks almost black in color. Held under the light though you can see that it's dark black, and it's "white" spots are actually a very pale green followed by some other shades of green. The rock in the picture is not the stone he has. I was having a really difficult time getting a clear photo of it, and I wanted to show you the stone properly. :))

The stone is a very unusual mystic stone. As soon as he put in my hand I could feel it's energy. It's actually tough to describe. Stirring but calming is the best I can come up with. It is said that it helps you to remember past lives, and the light energy within all your cells. It is sometimes called the "cosmic window". Nebula is a very grounding stone as well.

I have a couple of really interesting pages for you to read on it if you wish to learn more. It's one of the most interesting gemstones I've ever come across.

This is the official website of Karen and Ron the people who discovered it. http://www.nebulastone.com/

This page has the most links to articles with information on it: http://www.nebulastone.com/Metaphysical_Published_Articles_about_Nebula_Stone.htm

I hope you enjoy!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

ps we got a little cage to hold the stone and strung it with a yellow ribbon that Cole picked out. You can see it in the picture below :))))

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  1. I also have a nebula stone in my collection of crystals and it is quite special to me

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