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The Importance of Cleansing Items for Sensitives

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The Importance of Cleansing Items for Sensitives

Merry Meet :))) Spring is almost here in New England, and I'm really looking forward to having those warm summer days out here again. :))))) One of my favorite things to do during the summer is go to tag sales, or yard sales as some of you may call them, and antique shops. :))))) I love perusing all the things and looking for special goodies or amazing bargains.

A highly sensitive person is one who is sensitive to the energy around them. Everything is made up of energy, and it is not uncommon for some objects to store energy.

If you are one who enjoys perusing antiques and bargains like I do, you may find that going to these types of sales or shops can be overwhelming for you. If that is the case, make sure to beef up your shield before you go in, and ground afterward if necessary. I have learned that I have a really difficult time going into Estate Sales. They can make me extremely dizzy as the energy is just overwhelming. I will still go to them, however I may need a moment once I leave to ground myself. I don't push myself in those types of sales, if I start to feel overwhelmed I will leave.

Back to objects! So when you bring objects into your home, they can carry energy from places with them. When you start working with magickal tools, often you will cleanse and consecrate them before use. What about other objects that aren't "magickal" that you bring home and intend to use. Depending on the object and it's origination you may wish to start cleansing those objects as well. Often times a quick smudging to remove any negative energy with some white sage, or dragon's blood will be enough. You may also choose to leave the item outside for a couple days and let the Sun and Moon do their work.

I recently had an incident with some model planes that were brought home. The woman's husband had passed on, and I had some issues with the boxes being in my room. Honestly, as intuitive as I am it took me almost a week to determine where the problem was coming from lol Without going into too much detail it was an educational experience for myself, and the boxes have been cleansed and blessed in full ritual and are now off my property. So the lesson in this for me was to become more aware of the "treasures' that I am bringing home.

If you are sensitive, sense the energy on the item. Not just in the place you are purchasing it, when you get it home, note how it feels against the energy of your own home as well. When in doubt, cleanse it, it will never cause harm to cleanse something that need not be.

If you are in an antique shop or feel comfortable enough, you may wish to ask for the history on the item. It's helpful to know if the owner is recently deceased as these items can tend to carry additional energy.

If you frequently buy antiques or items from yard sales it may be helpful to keep a list of the item and where you purchased it.

Am I saying not to go perusing for treasure? Nope :)))) Just realize that as a sensitive you may have to use a bit more caution and extra care with both yourself and your treasures. :))))

Happy Hunting! :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Very interesting! We love to antique, and I usually do not have too many problems with things, but it does explain why even though I may like an item, and it's price, that I balk at purchasing it. I do buy rings from antique stores and sales, and found out early on that is one item that I MUST cleanse if I am going to wear it. I had bought a set of rings that I could just not keep on my hand until it was well smudged and cleansed with salt, and then moonlight. It just felt "wrong" and It took several cleanings until I was happy. Love them now, though :-) I do try to put them in the full moon light as often as I can just to make sure.

  2. I read about finding treasure at flea markets and sales. When I go to these places I ask the Goddess for protection. I also have learned to carry a small amount of salt in a red wool bag. What I do is put a shield on the item before bringing into the house, and I will have items ready to cleanse it once it enters the home . I also use my left hand to sense the energy of the item. simply tune in and hold your hand about five inches from the object, however some items radiate a strong enough field for me to feel. I once found a shaving mirror that I simply loved, it was from the 1850's and was found at a fleamarket. However there was something off about it, and I could feel it's energy , and it wasn't good. And I could see why this small object was only five dollars. Needless to say it had a very dark aura about it and reeked of evil , and it had a pull to it as if it was searching for the right person, or unlucky individual. I left as quickly as I could and left it hanging there, interestingly I still think about it from time to time and I have never done that with any items I pass over. If it feels right then I will buy it, many times items seem to come to me. I just wanted to share this and hope people take care when buying found objects. Blessed Be.


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