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Drawing Down the Moon

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Drawing Down The Moon 

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Most people in the Wiccan tradition are familiar with the phrase "drawing down the moon." Many of you have probably read the book "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler. Do you know where this phrase originates from and what the difference between these two phrases is?

In ancient times many worshipped the Moon, as we do today. However, back then it was more essential to their daily lives then it is to many people who live today. They did everything they could to get close to the Moon. When they saw the Moon reflecting in the water they would paddle out to it's reflection in their boats and fill various vessels with the water as that was their "holy water." This is a method you can still use today to gather Moon water as the water is naturally magnetized and will absorb the energy of the Moon. However not all lived near a lake, and they looked for a way to deepen this connection with the Moon.

As an alternative to paddling out in the water they began to draw the outline of the Moon's shadow in the sand. Hence the phrase "drawing down the moon." This was also the beginning of sacred circles, and circles for ritual as they would all gather within this circle to perform their sacred rites. At that time, they also believed that the souls of their ancestors were contained in the Moon. By drawing the circle in the sand of the Moon's reflection, they would draw the Moon's energy into that circle, as well as the energy of their ancestors, thus leading them to be able to "dance with dead."

Something to consider the next time you cast your sacred circle ;)

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