Saturday, April 26, 2014

Healing Horses

**original graphic by Lucas Valen**

Healing Horses

Merry Meet :))))) A little while ago I had the opportunity to do some work on a horse farm near me. They recently had two horses cross over and some of the others have been getting sick, so I went out there with a group of women that I work with on Sunday nights to see if we could heal the horses and shift the energy on the farm.

We all brought an offering for the Earth, which we placed under the large oak tree in the center of the farm. When we were done with that we gathered in a large circle and did a healing and attempt to shift the energy. What I found interesting is several of the cats on the farm and the dog joined us! The black kitty was weaving in and out of our legs the whole time, and the dog sat down at the feet of one of the girls in the circle. There were around 20 of us of all faiths working on it.

As soon as I got on the farm I was immediately drawn to energy in the back right of the barn. It just didn't feel right to me. Even after we did the circle and shifted the energy, that one corner still felt off. It was drizzling out and I was definitely chilled but the energy we raised was incredible. I could feel is swirling trying to cleanse the farm. When we spoke to the owner about the back corner that I was sensing we found out that there had been a horse that lived in that stall that had a pretty tumultuous background. We spent some extra time cleansing the stall and I could feel the energy starting to shift. It's amazing how much of a draw that one stall had.

This was my first time working with horses and I absolutely adored it. I worked on healing three different horses and I honestly was surprised at how clearly I could sense them. I was able to ask the owner for validation of what I was sensing and was delighted when I had it right each time. It's just the most thrilling feeling. I was able to provide insight on all three of them. One was a retired race horse with a leg injury. The vet had been focusing on the front leg as that's the one that appeared injured but it was an effect of a back leg injury that I was able to pinpoint. She was beautiful :))))))))) She really wanted all of my gemstones and I found myself laughing as I nuzzled her and tried to keep her from eating my stones.

The second horse was an older horse. He's 17 years old and most of his vision is gone. I spent time sending him Reiki and reassuring him that he was loved. He kept showing me a picture of a field with flowers. Even though he couldn't go out for rides any more, he still longed to go for long walks. :)))) He was falling asleep with his head up against my chest and I just adored his sweet energy.

The third horse came from an abusive owner unfortunately. The owner of the horse said that he was cranky and aggressive towards them not wanting any attention. She was surprised at how he put his nose out for myself and Kathi. I noticed that he was skittish of the left side and asked the owner to check for vision problems with him. He just seemed really skittish and scared to me. He was calming down letting me pet him and while he definitely had some trust issues I do believe with time and love he will come around.

It was quite the cool experience for me to be able to sense the animals and work with them sending energy. I am always amazed at the gift the divine has given me, and give thanks for it every day. I am always tickled when I get validation and can see the work that I do and love producing results. It's just the most wonderful feeling. :)))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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