Thursday, April 24, 2014

Signs of All Kinds :)))

Signs of All Kinds :))

Merry Meet :)))) We are enjoying springtime weather finally coming here in Massachusetts, it's been almost in the 70's with beautiful clear blue skies. I couldn't help but take the afternoon off to enjoy the weather as I am so excited about the coming summer months. The trees are all starting to bud and I am so excited about the little flowers that are coming up everywhere and the lush greens that are finally taking over the world around me.

I knew I was suppose to go out for a walk this afternoon. I was looking for validation on some decisions I have been making and was told I would find it there. I was told to not play my music either, just to listen to the wind and take in everything around me. It was really much needed honestly. I found myself falling into a rhythmic breathing that almost matched the crunching of my feet on the bit of gravel on the path I was walking. It was about a 4 mile walk but most of it was next to this amazingly beautiful lake. The breeze was just amazing, combined with the strong sunshine it was really the perfect temp.

I've been to this lake many times before, but I decided to take a path I'd never taken before today as I had extra time. I found myself going from a dirt road, down to a dirt path, down to a very small path that you could barely tell was a path. lol :)))) All of sudden this little path opened up to a beautiful clearing with logs forming a circle. As I went to go closer to the water something green caught my eye on a stump. It was the packet that you see in the picture above. If you notice it says "You have made a wise decision." I don't know why these things surprise me anymore but they do. First of all, the wind was such I really have no idea how this little package was managing to just sit there and not be blown away? I was in an area that definitely wasn't used very often, that was apparent from the trail. The last thing I thought was funny was the saying is on a sauce packet? I don't eat at taco bell but someone was clever. lol :))))

In any event. The message was absolutely clear, just perfect, and as always the answer to my question. I asked for a clear sign. I'm not sure if it gets much clearer than text. :)))))))

So don't be afraid to ask for signs to validate you following your path. They will be generous :))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. How funny Moonsong! I don't think that 'signs' will ever stop surprising me either. Your walk sounds so peaceful. Lately, every time something happens and I'm thinking that I should move out, I should go forward, I should just take that step. People post things on facebook validating my thoughts. *shrugs*...
    Funny how we know when its time to move on. But I guess it doesnt mean that taking that first step forward is any easier.


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