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The Magickal Color Purple

The Magickal Color Purple

Merry Meet :)))))) How many of you loved the color purple when you were little. I have to smile as my 10 year old daughter has purple absolutely everywhere and unicorns. :)))) Even growing up, that color was just magickal to me. When I got pregnant with my son, my favorite color turned to blue for some reason and has been that way ever since. I think because it's calming, especially when I have two wee ones running about as I write to you. ;) :)))

Every color is important in magick, but the color purple is one that stands out for it's spiritual and magickal properties. If you have a choice for color of a room to practice your craft in, purple should be very close to, if not at the top of your list. So let's start with what we know about purple. When looking at our Chakra's, our crown chakra, or the chakra we use to communicate with spirit can be purple. When I practice, I typically see white, but I have seen this color come into play before. From this knowledge you will know that Purple is the color of spirituality. If you are wanting to feel closer to the divine or want to facilitate communication with your guides or the angels, try wearing purple and watch what happens. :))) It helps to raise your vibration to make communication easier.

You will get a similar effect when you go into a room that's all purple. Going back to childhood, how many of you had purple rooms? I know I did. I spent countless hours in that room daydreaming and being creative. Those of you who have little girls with purple rooms, go grab a pen and paper and hang out in their room and see what happens. You'll find that you can hear your guides much easier, and you will be much more creative in expressing yourself. It's also a great place to work with divination. Since you can communicate with the divine easier a purple room is excellent for working with your pendulum or reading the tarot.

Purple is also a very healing color. It can counter act any negative energy, even some black magick. Purple is extremely soothing and has mystical properties that are known to help transform your life. It can help lift depression, cure addictions, and bring spiritual insight and renewal. Purple will help relieve emotional stress, sooth physical sensitivity, and aid sleep. If you get a lot of headaches, try working with the color purple as it is an ancient remedy to alleviate the pain.

Watch where purple comes up in your life. I especially notice it in the tarot cards. Sometimes the color purple will start jumping out at me, and I know that my guides or the guides of the person that I am reading for are trying to call my attention to something that they feel is important. If you start seeing it frequently in random places and your attention is being drawn to it, be open to the fact that your guides may be trying to catch your attention and start taking note of the places you are seeing it.

Some places you can incorporate purple into your work include clothing, rooms, altar cloths, gemstones, jewelry, candles, and anything else you can think of to bring more of this color of the mystics into your life. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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