Friday, May 9, 2014

Using Crayons to Make Stained Glass

Using Crayons to Make Stained Glass

Merry Meet :))) One of my favorite activities when I was little was making stained glass out of waxed paper and old crayons.  You can make these as simple or as intricate as you like.  I loved the beautfiul scene done in the pic above however you can make anything from pentacles, to cats, to flowers, the possibilities are endless.  They can make great pages to dress up your Book of Shadows.

What You Need
 - Waxed Paper
 - Leftover crayons
 - black sharpie marker
 - crayon sharpener or something to shave the crayons with
 - Iron
 - Towels one thick and one thin.

Cut two pieces of waxed paper to the size you want your artwork to be.

Set one flat on your work surface, set the other to the side for later.  You should set it down on top of a towel so that you can iron on top of it when you are done.

You can sketch the design you want onto the waxed paper using the marker.

Grate the crayons so that you have shavings of the color that you desire.

Use the shavings to color in your design as you want.

When you are happy with the results set the other piece of wax paper on top of it.

Heat the iron to a low setting.

Set a thin towel over the top of the two pieces of waxed paper.

Press the iron slowly over the towel gently heating up the waxed paper so that the crayon melts.

Continue until all the crayon is melted be sure not to hold the heat on too long as it can burn it.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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