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Past Life Regression Workshop

Past Life Regression Workshop

Merry Meet :))) The other night I had an opportunity to take a past life regression workshop in my area. I've had a past life regression done before but it was one on one. I was excited to see how this one would work as I was going to be in a room with 20 other people. I love the place that I had it done at, as it's the same place I meet with my Intuitive group every other week. They have tons of pillows and blankets, and sprawling out on the floor is encouraged. :))))

She had us all get comfortable and then opened up Sacred Space. We did not one, but three past lives. The first two were quite lengthy and the last one was just a quick glimmer of one. I was amazed at how well it worked! :))))

The first one I found myself in what I believe to be Plymouth Massachusetts in 1610. I saw incredible details from what I was wearing to the old style houses that felt familiar to me even though I can't recall ever seeing one like that this life. It was interesting as I saw myself as a teenager and I was answering my own questions as I asked them. I looked a little bit different but I still knew that it was me. What I found most incredible about this experience was the names and the dates that I was given. I have not found the first names as of yet, but I did find a listing for a Higgins family in Plymouth in that date range which absolutely floored me. To me that's the most amazing validation when you can get specific information like that and validate it online later.

The second life was a lot tougher to watch. I was a Native American who had a pretty tough life. My first marriage was good as I was the daughter of a chief. I had a beautiful baby girl. Something happened to both my father and my husband, and it looked as if I was married a second time? This one however it was as if I was a piece of property, it was to facilitate and agreement. I was hated by this second man and he made no attempt not to show it. The end of this life wasn't much better as I froze to death from being abandoned by my "husband." I saved the life of my child though. What I found fascinating about this one was again I was given a specific place and a name of a tribe that is actually not far from where I currently live. Upon a quick research in Google I found those to be accurate as well. The place looked familiar to me too, in the Spring when the weather warms up I want to see if I can't find the area that I saw in the visions as I'm pretty confident that I could identify it.

The third one was just a quick glimpse and this one I was somewhere overseas, my guess is Ireland. I was in a castle that had dark stone walls and windows without glass. It was definitely early on in history. I was a princess and my father was the king. I was carrying on about my love for magick but the fact that my father could never find out or I'd be in trouble. What's interesting is in this story I saw myself as well, whereas in the Native American life I saw it as if I was in it. I wasn't able to ask questions, and there really was nothing happy about that particular lifetime.

Part of the reason I wanted to share this with you today is to let you know that yes you can have a past life regression done in a group, and if you can meditate fairly easily it can be successful. :))))))) That can help save on costs for getting one done and information about your past lives. The second was that interestingly enough I was in a less then pleasant mood the following day. Although that middle life was cushioned by two positive lives it definitely affected me and I could see how it was causing issues in this life. So I had some things I was working through on Saturday. Two days later I'm perfectly fine. So this is something to be aware of when working with past lives. Part of why we seek this information is to help us to understand ourselves in this life. While some of what you see may be pleasant, you must also be prepared to see things that aren't. If you do you must remember that it is a "past life" take and learn from it what you can and move forward. :))))))))) I am hoping to do it again in January with a smaller group and at a more advanced level. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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