Monday, June 16, 2014

Working Magick With The Weather

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Working Magick With The Weather

Merry Meet :)))) I came across a pin on Pinterest the other day that talked about working with magick during special times, for example lightning storms, snowstorms, etc. I thought this was a really great topic, and one I hadn't covered with you before so I thought I'd delve into a bit today.

How many of you notice the change in pressure and energy when a storm is coming? How many of you can smell when it's going to snow or rain? How many of you notice shifts in energy when these things happen? Any time there is a shift in energy it can affect the outcome of your magickal work and your personal energy.

So let's take the first example, snowstorms. I'm so grateful summer is finally here, but here in New England I'm not unfamiliar with snowstorms.  During the winter you can feel the shift in temperature and the air so that you know a good old blustery snowstorm that blankets my area in a mass of white sparkles is soon to come. I love the snow as I feel it has an energy that brings about newness. Perhaps it's the pure white snowflakes gently falling from the sky, or the untouched sparkles as far as I can see as I look out my window, but during a snowstorm, I am usually very relaxed and optimistic towards the future. So during a snowstorm it makes sense to work with this type of magick. Magick for new beginnings, peace, relaxation, or gently ridding yourself of any unwanted emotions are perfect during this time.

How many of you love the rain? :))))) It's my favorite way to sleep with the rain pattering against my windows forming that perfect melody to lull me off on my spiritual adventures as I sleep. I often think of rainstorms like a shower. The rain or water washing over you can cleanse you, ridding you of any negativity and instill you with that beautiful white light from the Divine. Rainstorms are cleansing and healing and this is the type of magick you should work with during them. In the warm weather don't be afraid to go outside and work a cleansing ritual in the rain. You will feel rewarded by the extra energy the rain will add to your cleansing.

As fascinated as I am with the lightning, I must confess sometimes I can find the thunder, when really loud, a bit unnerving. However this is also a very high time for energy and magickal work. How many of you get headaches during thunder storms with lightning? There are times when I can actually feel the energy coursing through my body, making my finger tips tingle as I gaze out into the night sky watching the lightning streak to the ground. So as you might guess, being a time of very high energy this will add energy to whatever work you may wish to do. This is a great time to do any type of protection ritual as well.

With storms, and sometimes without, you will also find heavy winds. I have several trees around my house that I need to find the money to take down, so currently these high winds always make me anxious. If you take the time to look out your window during these winds you will see things like leaves or items from your yard blowing by. Depending on your location in the world you may have extreme winds. This is the time to rid yourself of anything you no longer wish to have. The winds will take them away with them. It's a very powerful time for breaking addictions or habits, or stopping a relationship you no longer wish to have.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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