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Breaking a Curse

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Breaking a Curse

Merry Meet :))) The past couple weeks I have been literally bombarded by requests to break curses. Curses are something I've always been a bit skeptical of. I don't doubt their existence, I just doubt the frequency that I am seeing. I was taught to believe that the mind and your faith can overpower pretty much anything. So that is typically how I deal with these requests. I am hoping this information will come in useful if one of you believes you have been cursed, or someone comes to you looking for help with one.

The most common curse that is cited to me is that of bad luck. Someone has told someone they are going to put a curse on them and then all sorts of bad things start happening. There could be one of two explanations for this, the first that the person actually did what they said which in 99% of cases it can be broken pretty easy. The second being that they are blowing smoke and your mind is so powerful that you are attracting what is happening to you.

Let's take the second one. Everything in the world is made up of energy, and your energy determines what happens for you. So for example, awhile back I talked about an example of stubbing your toe when you get out of bed first thing in the morning. Because you are still half asleep and hurt, you mumble that it's going to be a terrible day, and you know what? The rest of the day everything that can go wrong does. So how to correct that? When that happens, take whatever you said back. Take a few deep breaths and center your mind and take control of the day. If you tell yourself you will have a good day, you will.

So now how does this apply to a curse? Someone tells you that they are going to put a curse on you, and over the next hours, days, months, crazy things start happening. This is where you need to question yourself if you honestly believe the person put a curse on you. Not to believe in the validity of your claim, but if you are going through each day wondering when the next part of this curse is going to strike you, that's what you're going to get. In other words the person could have made an idle threat, and because you are putting out that energy, you are attracting it to you and have in essence, cursed yourself.

So how to fix this? Watch your thoughts. Whenever you think about the curse tell yourself that you are more powerful than any energy anyone has sent your way. This is your life, and you know what? You control it. It's in your hands. So you have the power to break any curse whether it be one someone sent to you or one you have put on yourself. So break it. Every time it enters your mind, dismiss it, reprogram that thought, and move forward.

Next steps, make sure you cleanse, ground and shield. If you have questions on how to do any of these I have these and several other tips and tricks listed in my empath and sensitive article page. You can find that here: I would recommend doing most of those regularly anyway for psychic protection.

Finally, if you want to do a spell for added protection, I am not against that. You just need to make sure whatever spell you choose follows the "Harm None" rule. The last thing you need is to send negative energy. I also am not a fan of the "return to sender" spells. I think one like the one I gave you above is fine to use. :))))) I hope this helps!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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