Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

Merry Meet :))))))) The beauty in the pic above is my newest gemstone addition. :)))))) As I mentioned previously almost all of my gemstones come from my dear friend Autumn. She has the most amazing Etsy shop here: All of her gemstones are always absolutely gorgeous and the energy on them is just amazing. She also makes the most divine candles you will ever smell. I have a secret hoard of them going on in my house, because not only do they smell amazing, but a lot of them are just too pretty to burn! lol :))))) She recently sent me a package with candles and some other stones, and this was one of the ones she sent me. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's just gorgeous. It's a little stone so super hard to get a picture of, the energy on it isn't small though. :))))) I had to wait about 5 minutes before I could even touch it when I got it as it's so cold here, it appeared frozen from shipping. lol :))))) As soon as I was able to I loved the energy on it. I was instantly happy and could feel it humming in my hands. When you look close at it, it has sooooo many sparklies. Something I just adore in gemstones. I didn't know she was sending it to me so I spent most of last night trying to figure out what the mystery stone was lol :))))) I finally found out this morning.

It's spirit quartz, or faerie quartz. It's also sometimes called cactus quartz, as you can see in the pic it does look a lot like it. Every position you turn this stone in, the little crystals all over it catch the light and light up making almost a rainbow. It's very very pretty to look at. If you google it online you will see some absolutely gorgeous pieces on there as well. I just spent about a half hour going ooohh and ahhh over a lot of them lol :)))))) The energy that comes from this stone radiates out from all the little crystal points on it. Unlike some more common varieties of quartz, spirit quartz can be harder to obtain. Thank you for sending it to me! ;))))))

From Autumn:
"Spirit quartz carries the generic properties of quartz with the additional properties of universal love, and multi-dimensional healing. The outer covering of this crystal emits a higher vibrational energy (similar to that of sun stones), while the inner properties of this stone facilitate healing on all levels. This stone can induce deep trance states because it encourages smooth transfer between beta and alpha brain waves ~ making it an excellent choice for a meditation stone. It has also been claimed to assist those in the afterlife by helping guide them home, back to their loved ones and ancestors. It also helps those they left behind (the living) in dealing with the separation and grief. Because of this stones deep connection with the spirit world, it is wonderful for using when working with spirit guides and connecting with loved ones who have passed over. It can also be programmed for ancestral healing. This stone is also beneficial for those who give service to others, particularly those who work in community groups or organizations because it can help shed insight into discord that allows us to get disconnected from one another. Excellent for therapists and social workers. Spirit quartz can also be used as a wand to remove negative energy and illness from the physical body, as a cleanser for other stones and for stabilizing earth energy. Additional uses for this stone are as follows: Ascension, rebirthing, patience, forgiveness (all levels), purifying the aura, insightful dreams and meditations, blending yin and yang, astral projection, detoxification (all levels) and energy enhancement."

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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