Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tara the Earth Goddess

Tara the Earth Goddess

Merry Meet :)))) I meet with an Intuitive group every other Sunday to work on my intuitive skills. In this class, I usually get called Tara. It's something we all laugh about now, as it gets done almost every class inadvertently. So today I thought I'd look into this amazing Goddess with you a bit. :)))

A quick search into information on her will bring you back an abundance of information. She is one of the oldest and best known deities worldwide, and there is evidence of civilizations worshipping her since prehistoric times. She is one of the Goddesses that you can find represented in almost every culture, with her most familiar likely being in Buddhism. In Tibet she is known as the "one who saves." The Celts referred to her as "The Great Goddess", with her name begin attributed to the word Tor, which means Earth or hill. Native Americans knew her as the "Star Woman."

She is also represented in many different colors to help people understand what she represents. The one you are likely most familiar with is White Tara, Goddess of compassion and peace. You may also know her as Green Tara, Goddess of the Earth. However when you research a little you will find many other colors such as yellow and blue.

She is often depicted with a lotus flower, one of the flowers she is associated with. She is also associated with owls and ravens. :)))) If you wish to work with her you may want to choose gemstones such as rose quartz and emeralds, and utilize scents such as rose or musk. I have only recently begun working with her. Or I should say she's begun working with me.

Interestingly enough she mainly comes to me when I am at that class. I am starting to wonder if it has something to do with the location I'm in, or just the fact that I'm working with my gifts in public. I can feel her very clearly though. She has an amazingly calming and grounding presence, and reminds me to stay grounded when I work with my gifts. I can also feel a beautiful love from her that is pure and peaceful. Her messages for me usually have to do with how to remain true to myself in what I am doing. As a side thought, she feels a bit like working with the Mother Mary to me. Her innocent loving presence feels similar if that makes sense to any of you who have worked with either of them. :))))) As far as her aspects go, I can't identify clearly which one is working with me. Her energy feels like it stretches from the stars down to the Earth, with the stars representing hope for the future and the energy of the universe, to the Earth being grounding and healing, the area in between. That area in between is where I wish to be in that I benefit both from the hopes and dreams and the grounding while maintaining a loving innocence that keeps me focused and centered in my true self as I walk my path. I hope she continues to work with me going forward as I enjoy her beautiful presence, practical advice, and encouragement to move me forward on my path. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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The picture above is more in line with how she is typically represented. I am putting a picture below that I tried to make really quickly to depict how I feel her. Hopefully my explanation helps a little, and I'd be curious if any of you work with her if you have felt the same connection. :))))

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  1. Both are stunning pictures. Its amazing the things that happen when we open our hearts, tune out the world, and really listen.


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