Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Angel In My House

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The Angel In My House

(originally published for Moonsong Daily Magick January 2014)

Merry Meet :)))) Many of you know I am blessed with two little ones. My youngest, Cole, is 6 years old and he just amazes me routinely. He's a very old soul, and we have travelled many lives together. One moment in his life that really stays with me was when he was around two. It was summertime and we were outside playing in the yard. He did something funny, and I can't remember what it was, but I said, "Where do you come from?" joking around with him. I sat there stunned for several moments when he looked at me seriously and said two words... "Up there," while pointing at the clouds. I was floored. He truly is an Earth Angel.

My son is sensitive and a very strong empath. My daughter is a sensitive as well, and I'm quite sure she will be amazing working with energy when she gets older. Cole, though, demonstrates how strong of an empath he is pretty much daily. I could literally fill a book with stories of my son and how he has changed my life by what I've seen him do, but today I wanted to focus in on one aspect of his personality that I think is just amazing.

The past week he was home from school with a cold. I really felt bad for him and he was wanting extra snuggle time, so I rearranged my work so that I could spend a lot of extra time with him. Over this week I noticed how amazingly giving he is. I mean it's something I've noticed but the amount he gives is monumental. If you mention you like something, he will give it to you. It doesn't matter if it's his favorite toy, he will just give it to you. Whenever he has friends over he tries to send them home with all his toys, something I've had to intercept otherwise he would have nothing in his room. I mentioned last week that we started playing a game called animal jams. I played with him a bit while he was sick. In that game you get to make your own houses, and his literally has next to nothing in it because every coin he makes on there he spends on myself or his sister sending gifts, or donating to the tigers. The only things he will keep are those that we give to him. I asked him why he kept sending me things on one of the days and he said because I love you and I love to see you happy. At Christmas time he started wrapping his own things himself and putting them under the tree weeks before Christmas. While you would have problems getting most children to clean their rooms, I have to be careful with him because if I mention donating items he will get rid of more than half of his room.

Can you imagine what a world this would be if everyone was like that? If we all valued making people happy more than what we possessed in our life? I honestly can't even come close to the level of giving my son is at and I am unbelievably touched and proud of him. It's truly an example of how our children can teach us.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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