Friday, July 4, 2014

The Red-Tailed Hawk As Your Totem

Red Tailed Hawk

Merry Meet :))))) I was answering a question about the red-tailed hawk the other day and went to reference an article I had written on her, only to realize, I don't think I ever have! :)))) I am really surprised by this considering how near and dear to my heart she is. For those of you who may not know, I work with two main spirit animals, the red-tailed hawk I see in this world, she shows up during important times to me to deliver messages and validation. I also work with the white wolf, but she guides me in my dreams and meditations. The fox is another animal that has been working with me frequently over the past couple of years.

I have been aware of the hawk my whole life. Growing up, a man across the street from me actually trained them and I would see the one he worked with the most pretty frequently. I remember being absolutely mesmerized of the power and wisdom of this bird. As I started my path, she started appearing to me more and more frequently. I currently have a nest in one of the trees behind my house where she lives now and I see her all the time. :)))))

Just yesterday I was taking a walk down this old dirt road, and I came across this house that I just adored. It had several acres with it, and something about it just felt perfect to me. I was talking to someone on the phone and telling him about and and said, "Someday I would love to have a house like this", then I changed it to "Someday I will have a house like this." Just as I said the second line the red-tailed hawk swooped out of nowhere in front of me letting out her familiar cry as if to let me know that she heard me and I did right by changing what I said. lol :))) That's just one of the hundreds of examples I could share.

Hawks are amazing hunters and have incredible vision. When they work with you, they help to enable you to see the "big picture", they also help you to make wiser choices by looking at that big picture and calculating your moves before taking action. They are incredibly powerful and as soon as you start working with her you will feel her strength and courage assisting you on your path.

I know many of you have told me that you work with the red-tailed hawk as well and this doesn't surprise me as it's a very strong spirit animal for those of us who are gifted sensitives. They also are messengers helping to facilitate messages between our world and the other side. They will help you to develop your communication as an intuitive and your ability to pass those messages as well.

Part of what I love about the red-tailed hawk is that their tail feathers turn red as they mature, so they are "earned" in essence. I have had meditations and messages where I have passed key "tests" in my life and been given read feathers. :))) I absolutely love when that happens, it lets me know I am on the right path. Those who work with the red hawk will also have a great appreciation for the interconnectedness of everything that surrounds us. They tend to be spiritual teachers and leaders.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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