Sunday, July 20, 2014

Using Herbs in Your Daily Magick

**graphic from Crafty Sandi**

Using Herbs in Your Daily Magick

Merry Meet :))))) As I post the magickal correspondences each day for you, many of you have likely noticed that there are several herbs present in the mix. As an alternative to having essential oils stocked for these herbs, we can use the herbs themselves. I especially love to do this in the summer, when I have the herbs in my garden that I need for the particular day. As always if you do not have a particular herb or scent in your stock for the day, just use what feels closest to you. :)))))

One method of doing this is with charcoal discs, I will often set them in a mini cauldron that I have and use specifically for burning incense. You can use any container that is safe for heat. To be extra safe you may want to put a thick layer of sand at the bottom of it. Place a charcoal disc in the center and light it. When it is glowing, you can add the herb you choose to burn on top of the charcoal, the herb should start smoking slowly releasing it's aroma into the air.

During the summertime I will add fresh herbs to the water in my tealight burner. My favorite is lavender. :)))) You can also add fresh herbs to a pan of simmering water on your stove. Just be sure to not leave the pan unattended.

Most of you have used smudge sticks. This is another way to release their aroma into your home. Bundle the herbs together and allow them to dry. When they are dry light the end of them. Blow the flame out so that the herb smolders. Waft the scent throughout your home.


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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